Internet of things (IoT):

The network and communication of digital, mechanical and electronic devices is known as IOT or internet of things. In IOT, device-to-device communication is done. While on the internet there is another type of communication going on like people-to-device and device-to-people. IOT is a new technology first revealed in 1999 by Kevin Ashton.

IoT Example

IOT is used for ease of our lives and to save time. IOT plays important role in health care, marketing, farming, industrial development, transportation, weather notification, machine learning, pollution control, road safety, controlling temperature, home security, managing appliances, etc.

Suppose you are driving a car and there is an accident on the road. Your car sensor will detect the accident and send a message to the ambulance and police department. The ambulance has a detection system also which is connected to the internet. So all process will be automatically done between car devices and ambulance device. This will save people life and time also.

Room AC has a detection system that can count a number of people in the room and it can adjust the temperature accordingly. If there is no person in the room then AC will be turned off automatically. This will save your electricity bills. According to research if all the digital devices in the United States will become part of IOT then it saves $300 billion annually.

Wearable devices check your blood pressure and heartbeat and notify you about a health problem. Wearable devices can also send an automatic message to your doctor about your heart problem. So you can be treated by the doctor before the heart attack comes.

In your home, all the digital devices including coffee maker, toaster, AC, windows, doors, light bulbs, and heater are connected with each other through a data hub. All these devices are connected with your wearable device, smartphone and computer. If you wake up in the morning then your wearable device detects your wakeup time and sends message to toaster and coffeemaker. Your coffee and bread will be ready without your intervention.

If you have a digital home and there is no one in the home then sensors will automatically close home windows and garage gate. If you are living in a digital city then people behavior will be calculated via devices and it will ease your life. For example, your car will notify you if there is high traffic on the road and it will direct you to another road.

Digital devices are also used to detect fire in the forest and detect an increase in pollution. All these types of devices communicates with each other and provide safety to the people and animals. You can also attach a digital device to your cat or dog and you can measure the location or behavior of your animal through a smartphone or computer.

As all the digital devices in the IOT are connected via the internet so there are high chances that your data can be accessed by the hackers. Some device manufacturers also make hidden features in the device that collects data from the device and send to the company. The company then sale your data to a 3rd party.

Examples of Internet of things (IoT):

Below are some examples of IoT:-

  • Temperature control by the AC
  • Detection of fire in the forest and notifying people around the forest
  • Taking care of old age people like finding empty beds in the hospital through digital devices
  • Detection of moisture, temperature and water need in the crop. It is best for farming.
  • Google glass
  • Digital home, city, office, etc.
  • Communication between car devices, ambulance, police, and google maps
  • Connection of wearable devices and your doctor

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