What is technology

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for the improvement of the industry. Examples of technology are found everywhere in our life. Some examples of technology we use are below:-

  • Washing machines by which we wash clothes
  • The invention of wheel by which cars and other automobiles are manufactured. We can transfer things from one place to another by this technology
  • The radio and TV is another great invention by which we can get daily news
  • Telephones, mobiles, tablets, PC’s, Laptops, and smartwatch are great inventions that changed our life. It helps us in fast communication with other people around us. We can also do professional businesses using these technologies
  • Technology also helps us in other fields like the agricultural, medical field, space program, gaming, media, online and offline apps, internet and others

We use technology in maintaining and promoting our business also. There are some pros of cons of technology used in business. Some of them are discussed below:-

Advantages of technology in business

Fast communication:

If you are running a business and you want to communicate with your client then it is easy now. You can use skype or other online video calling service to video call with your client. By doing so you can save time and money. Also, employees within the organization can communicate with each other through online chatting service like skype or Gmail chat.

Online marketing:

Various companies expand their business by going to the online world. You can spend some money online to promote your business on different websites through advertisement. Some of known websites for promoting your business are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Storage of data:

Storing office data in physical files is now old and it is prone to errors and a lot of space needed also. Now you can store your business/office data in your PC. Finding data using computer is easy then physical documents. You can also save your data online by which you can retrieve the data through number of devices like tablet, smartphone or your laptop if it is connected to the internet.

The hiring of staff:

It is easy now to hire staff for your business by using technology. There are many websites and social networking websites which helps you to find a skilled person that match your needs. You can also interview the person online through skype. Now all the brands have built their websites by clients and staff can see the news. If you have vacancy for your business then you can place job announcement on your website. Sorting out CV of all the applicants of job is easy now with the technology used today.

Monitoring your staff:

You can put cameras in different areas of your office and can monitor the working of your staff. This also improves the performance of your staff if they know that they are captured in-camera.

Disadvantages of technology in business

Online socializing:

In most offices, using online social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is restricted. This is because these are types of addiction websites that waste your time.

Expensive machines:

If you want to use the latest technology for your business then buying latest tools is expensive for startup businesses. For example using cameras, high-speed internet and computers, printers, scanners are expensive.

Reduce the talent of employees:

If your employees are using software for completing daily tasks then their mind will not grow and they stick with the daily routine. Employees will not get a challenge in their work and their talent will not grow. If employees do email replies and communication online on daily basis then they feel trouble in having face to face communication. This is because for face to face communication you need extra communication skills.

Business dependent on online:

Some type of businesses is mostly dependent on internet connection. So if there occurs any problem on the internet then their work stops working. Also if you store most of your data on computer and your computer gets any problem then daily work is stopped. So you have to train your employees to work also if internet disconnects or computer gets any problem.

Data can be stolen:

If your business is online there are chances that some hackers can steal your data. There is also chance that any of your employees leak your company important information like emails of clients.

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