Macintosh operating system is also known as macOS. This operating system is developed and maintained by a company known as Apple. This is the same operating system which first time uses GUI (Graphical user interface) and computer mouse. It is also known as OSX because it is originated from the UNIX operating system. Steve Jobs who was the CEO of Apple helps the company very much in his time.

Apple Company makes different products including smartphone, Apple TV, smartwatch, tablet, iMac, Macbook Pro etc. Apple makes both software and hardware of its products. Windows operating system is the most used operating system with 90% shares while macOS and Linux are less used operating systems.

Today I am going to discuss some of advantages and disadvantages of macOS.

Pros and cons of mac operating system
Pros and Cons of macOS

Advantages of macOS

Fewer virus attacks:

As macOS is the second most used operating system and has less number of active users so it has fewer virus attacks also. The other reason of virus safety is its UNIX relationship which is more secure than Windows OS.

Good customer support:

Mac users get good response from its support team as compared to other operating systems. Apple has skilled engineers which helps the user in fixing the issues in their hardware and software.

Similar GUI for all the products:

macOS has same graphical user interface (GUI) as found in other Apple products like iPhone and tablets. Users feel comfortable in using macOS if they shifted from other Apple products.

Performance and long life:

As Apple makes both hardware and software so it’s hardware communication is very efficient and it improves performance. The operating system and hardware work great. Apple computer has a longer life than other computers. The battery timing of mac laptops is also longer.

Default apps:

If you install Windows then it comes with pre-installed apps which slow down your computer e.g. Onedrive slows your computer. But this is not the case with macOS, it comes with powerful apps which don’t affect performance of your system. Some of the pre-installed apps of macOS are iPhoto and iMovie.

Support NTFS and FAT:

macOS support Windows file system formats including both NTFS and FAT.

Can run Windows:

You can run the Windows operating system if you have macOS installed by using Bootcamp or parallels software.

Disadvantages of macOS


The minimum cost of a Mac PC is higher than $1000. You can get good Windows PC at $1000 with more hardware specification.

Fewer games and software:

Most game developers prefer to make games for the Windows OS because they have more percentages of users. Mac users have fewer games available. Also, mac computers have low graphics capability to run high graphics games. There is some software which is available for Windows and not available for mac users e.g. adobe premiere pro etc.

No hardware customization:

If you buy any Mac computer/laptop then you cannot change its hardware parts like processor, graphics card etc. For some mac computers, you can change hardware and RAM but it is not for all mac computers. It is also not possible to change other hardware accessories like internal computer parts, the only choice you have is to buy a new mac computer. On every major release of your operating system you have to change your computer else 50% of your operating system features not work.

Windows cannot read the macOS file system:

macOS can read NTFS and FAT Windows format but Windows cannot read the macOS file system. You need to install 3rd party software in Windows to do so. Some other software like footnotes has compatibility issues while moving files from macOS to Windows.

Less hardware used:

The new version of macOS computer supports less USB ports and they also not shipped with CD/DVD writer.

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