In this article I will discuss about pros and cons of multiprocessor systems.

What is multiprocessor system?

A multiprocessor system is a system in which two or more CPU (Central processing systems) are used. In this type of system two or more processes can be processed in parallel i.e. at the same time interval.

Multicore System

Multiprocessor VS multicore:-

Multicore systems are the ones in which multiple cores are built within one CPU. A multicore system is ideal if you want to execute one program at the same time. While multiprocessor is ideal if you want to execute multiple processes at the same time. Multicore CPU consumes more electricity than a multiprocessor system because a multicore CPU has a higher performance load than the multiprocessor system.

Multiprocessor System

Advantages of multiprocessor systems:-

High Throughput: Throughput is the number of processes executed by the CPU at a given time so this type of system has higher throughput.

Type of parallel processing: Parallel processing means the execution of multiple processes (also known as threads) at the same time.

Less electricity usage: In a single processor system, there is more load as many processes have to be executed at a time. But in multiprocessor system execution of multiple processes in done in a few times. That means multiprocessor CPUs consume low electricity than a single processor.

High Reliability: As multiple processors share their work between one and another so work is completed with collaboration. That means these systems are reliable.

Economic: As more work is completed by the CPU’s so these systems are economically good as well.

Disadvantages of multiprocessor systems:-

Communication: As multiple processors are communicating with each other so the operating system implementation is complex to handle.

More memory required: As there are multiprocessors working with each other so each processor needs memory space.

Deadlock: If any processor is already using the I/O device then other processors cannot use the same I/O device which creates deadlock.

Performance: If any processor fails to work then the work is divided into other processors. The bad effect will be that work will be completed in high time and the performance of the system is affected.

Expensive: These type of systems are expensive to buy.

Example of multiprocessing:-

  • All the major operating systems nowadays support multiprocessor CPU’s

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