Laser stands for light amplification stimulated emission of radiation.

Definition of a laser printer:

A laser printer is a type of photocopier machine that uses laser light and toner to print a document. A laser printer uses a selenium coated drum which uses electrical charges for printing purpose. The laser light makes print by mixing electrical charges and toner. After printing is complete the electrical charges and extra toner is removed from the page.

Example of laser printer

How laser printer works:

A paper is inserted into the laser printer. The paper is then charged by electricity using selenium coated drum. The powder also known as toner is then pasted on the electrically charged paper through a laser beam.

Types of a laser printer:

There are 5 types of laser printers which include:-

1) Personal laser printer: Personal laser printer is of small size and can easily fit inside room beside the computer. It can print at the rate of 4 pages per minute. It can hold about 100 sheets at a time.

2) Office laser printer: Office printers are larger than personal computers. They are not very large and can fit with other computer accessories. These type of printers can print at 8-12 p.p.m (pages per minute). Office printer can hold about 250 sheets at a time.

3) Workgroup laser printer: These printers are usually used in the network of computers. Workgroup printers are large and some are small also so that it can adjust on the desk. They can print at 15-30 p.p.m. They can hold about 15,00 to 25,00 sheets at a time.

4) Production laser printer: Production printers are high-speed printers. They can stand on the floor and needs a dedicated operator for its working. They can print at 50-135 p.p.m. These printers can hold more than 25,00 sheets.

5) Colour laser printers: Color printers use 4 colours (Cyan, magenta, yellow and black). In these printers, 1 sheet is printed four times. Colour printers can print at 2-8 p.p.m. Laser printers are not good in colour printing and are expensive also.

Price of a laser printer:

The price of laser printers range from $140-$12000

Examples of laser printers:

Some examples of laser printers include:-

  • HP color LaserJet Pro  M225dw
  • Brother HL-L2350DW
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw

Facts about laser printers:

The laser printer was invented in 1969 by Xerox Company. Laser printers are not best for colour printing. For colour printing, you can use inkjet printers. Laser printers are faster in printing than inkjet printers. They are best for black and white printing. Some features of laser printers include:-

  • Laser printers work the same as photocopying machine.
  • It is non-impact printer meaning it not use keys hit on paper but a laser technology.
  • This type of printer uses a laser beam.
  • The laser beam is used to burn special powder on-page.
  • The special power which laser printer uses is known as toner.
  • As laser printers prints a page at a time so it is also called a page printer.


Laser printers use new technology to print and are fast in performance than inkjet printers. There are many types of laser printers including personal and commercial used printers. If you want to print a large amount of printing then laser printers are economic. Inkjet printers are preferred for colour printing. And for text printing laser printers is the best choice.

The laser printer has one advantage that toner does not become dry as we see in an inkjet printer. In an inkjet printer, the colour cartridge becomes dry after 10-15 days.

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