WPAN is also known as a wireless personal area network. WPAN is a type of wireless network connection between personal devices like tablets, smartphone, computer and PDA (Personal digital assistants). The network connection in WPAN is either made via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth can connect devices in a range of 30 meters. In case of Wi-Fi, you can chat, share documents, calls with your home mates or friends. In WPAN a wireless connection is made between devices which are located within the building or in a room. Wireless personal area network can connect your devices for making communication easy.

Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN)

There are different technologies used in WPAN which are listed below:-

  1. Infrared (IR)
  2. Wireless universal serial bus (WUSB)
  3. Wireless body area network (WBAN)
  4. Insteon or domotics
  5. Z-wave

Infrared is used in different devices like remotes for wireless data transfer. In WPAN we use Infrared in keyboards, mouse, printers etc.

Wireless USB was approved in 2005 and is maintained by WiMedia Alliance. Its transfer rate is 480 Mbit/sec in the range of 3 meters and has a transfer rate of 110 Mbit/sec in the range of 10 meters. Wireless USB is used in digital cameras, game controllers, hard drives, printers, USB flash drives, and portable media players.

WBAN is a wireless body area network which is used in medical treatment. By this technology, a device can be attached or inserted into the patient body and it can measure temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration. By using WBAN patient has to not stay on bed and can move freely in a room or outside the hospital. It can also reduce cost in medical treatment. In WBAN different devices like computer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, motion sensors, personal server, GPRS are interconnected.

Insteon is used in home automation system e.g. switches, thermostats, motion sensors, switches, leak sensors. Leak sensors are used to detect any leak in data transmission in a device. This technology can be used with radiofrequency and power lines.

Z-wave is a wireless communication technology that is used in home appliances including windows, security systems, swimming pools, lighting controls, locks, garage door openers, and thermostats. About 2600 z-wave products are available for different uses for the home.

WPAN card: WPAN card is installed in a device to enable network connection in WPAN.

Features of WPAN

  • Low cost
  • Communication within short range
  • Wide range of devices
  • Small personal network
  • Low power consumption
  • Direct connection of devices without complex architecture

Examples of WPAN

WPAN devices includes:-

  • Printers
  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless keyboard
  • USB flash drives
  • Digital cameras
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Locks
  • Security systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Wearable devices
  • Leak sensors
  • Personal server

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