We use different types of software every day. Some software is purchased by us and other software we use for free. Some software gets monthly, yearly fees whereas some software shows us ads by which they earn money.

What is shareware software and Types of shareware software
Shareware Software

In today post I describe to you what is shareware.

Definition of shareware:

Shareware is software that we use for free for some days. After the trial period, we are charged fees for further use of the software.

Shareware is commonly used for games. We play games for some time after which our evaluation period ends. So we either uninstall the game or continue playing the game by giving monthly fees.

The source code of shareware software is not available to the end-users. Shareware is not a free and open-source software but it is commercial software with copyrights. The developers of shareware software develop the software to earn money or to promote their software products. They market their product to the public and when they get so many installations then their products become renowned and this way they start earning money.

Some shareware gets personal information from us. And they distribute personal information like an email address to the other marketing companies. Some shareware also sends malware to the smartphone, tablet, or computer. After installing some shareware our computer or smartphone becomes slow and automatic installation of unknown software/apps occurs. Most of shareware works fine but I see few of them spreading malware.

Some shareware starts showing ads or popups which effects the usage of software and it tends to force the user to pay fees for removing ads/popups.

Types of shareware:-

There are some types of shareware including:-

  • Adware
  • Freemium
  • Crippleware
  • Nagware
  • Trialware
  • Postcardware
  • Donationware


Adware is a type of software that shows advertisement to the users. Adware earns money from showing ads.


Freemium is software that gives limited features of the software for free. But to get advanced functions the user has to pay fees.


Nagware is a type of software that shows alert messages to the user to buy the software. User can close the alert message and continue using the software for free or they can also buy the software if they want. After buying the software alert messages will not display.


Crippleware software is mostly photo, video editing software. This software tends to add a watermark to the final images or videos. So the user has to buy the license to remove the watermark from images and videos.


Trialware software has a time limit to use the software. After the trial period, the software will not open. So the user has to enter a license key to further use the software.


Postcardware is a type of software that force users to send a postcard to the author. Postcard means end users have to send their email address to the author.


Donationware is a type of software which user can use for free with all the features. This software shows a link to donate the software. If the user wishes then he can pay the donation fees to the author, if not then the user can use the software for free.

Example of shareware:

Some examples of shareware are:-

  • Camtasia studio
  • MS Office
  • Internet download manager (IDM)
  • Bulk image downloader
  • EarthTime
  • Hot Alarm Clock
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

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