What is Microsoft Excel

MS Excel or Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft in 1985. In this application, the data is organized in the form of rows and columns.

You can store a maximum of 1048576 rows and 16384 columns in it.

Pros and cons of MS Excel

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of Excel:-

Advantages of Microsoft Excel


The table in Excel has many features such as:-

  • Tables are easy to create
  • Tables are dynamic
  • Tables have calculated columns
  • Tables come with more than 50 predefined table Styles
  • Tables come with slicers
  • Tables have structured references
  • Column headers of the Excel table always stay visible
  • Retrieve data deleted using the in-built User form of Excel
  • Tables are easy to select and refer

Office work:

Excel is used for making financial work and daily accounting works in the office. You can save your important data in the office. Later you can show that organized data to your boss. You can also make yearly credit and debit sheets as well.

Password protect:

You can password protect your Excel file and no other user can access your data in Excel. The security of this software is also better than other software.

A lot of data:

You can store a lot of data in this software. All yearly data can be stored in this software. You can also organize data by using charts and other visualization tools that are available in this software. You can store millions of rows with your data.

Use anywhere:

You can use this software on android, iOS, Windows and Mac. There is also an online version of this software that you can use and also collaborate with other users.


You can print and share through email also. If your boss or any other college needs your data then it is easy to transfer to them. They can access the same file and data on their mobile or PC.

Free templates:

There are many templates available on this software. For example, you can use different templates for Tables and graphs in it.

Multiple spreadsheets:

You can save multiple spreadsheets in a single Excel file. In every spreadsheet, you can make financial and inventory data reports.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Excel

Virus attack:

As you know Excel has macros in it. Due to macros, any person can inject a virus into the Excel file and your computer will be attacked with the virus also.

Difficult to learn:

Learning this software is difficult than MS Word or any other software. There are formulas used in the software and learning formulas are harder for a newbie.

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High price:

This software has a high price. There are many alternatives to it for example OpenOffice is a free tool that you can use for creating spreadsheet files.

Handling errors:

If you apply any wrong formula then your data will become wrong. Also discovering errors in this software is difficult. As you can store millions of records in this software so finding errors in it becomes complex.

Becomes slow:

If you save a lot of data in this software then using the software becomes slow. The software will respond to user actions in a slow manner and it takes you more time to enter or view the data in it.

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