Tablet PC is a touch screen device which is larger than a smartphone and smaller than a notebook. Tablets have a processor, graphics card, sound card and battery.

Tablets are mostly used by kids, students and old age people. Kids play games, listen to songs and study on tablets. Students use tablets for doing homework, watching lectures and other research-related tasks. Old people use this device for reading purposes and for measuring diet-related tasks.

Pros and cons of Tablet PC

Tablets are used for many purposes which we will discuss today.

Advantages of tablet PC

Some benefits of a tablet PC are:-

Easy to carry:

Tablets are lightweight and can be used while travelling. You can easily put tablets in your bag and move them to any place you go. You can easily hold them in your hands and they are more lightweight than laptops. You can navigate different apps by touching your fingers on the screen.

Best for students:

Students can use this device to complete different tasks. They watch training videos and attend live classes. They do research-related tasks and surf the web. Students can also manage their time easily by timetable apps and productivity apps. There are thousands of apps for students in both the Android play store and Apple play store.

Keyboard availability:

You can easily attach a keyboard with the tablet and speed up your typing. The virtual keyboard which is seen on the screen is also large than smartphones. Working on the document on the tablet is easy to do. You can also place the tablet in a laptop shape because there are tablet covers which can help in doing this.

Good battery:

Tablets have good battery timing than laptops. Tablets have 10 hours of battery backup. You can watch movies easily after charging the battery on the tablet. If you compare this with a laptop then they can work for 3 to 4 hours on one charge.

Internet connection:

Every tablet comes with Wi-Fi support. If you have a wireless modem in your home then you can freely use the internet on your tablet. Most popular places like airports, railway stations, bus stations, and universities have free Wi-Fi facilities. You can enjoy Wi-Fi with a tablet and watch live videos or play live games.


If you travel frequently then tablets have also support for GPS. If you are connected to the internet through a tablet then you can use Google maps and find roads that are near to your destination. You can also calculate kilometres of your drive and track your roads also.


If your tablet supports a pen then you can take notes by handwriting by pen device. If you write with a digital pen then it recognizes which word you write. You can also draw paintings on your tablet with a digital pen.

Gesture recognition:

The gesture means voice recognition, facial recognition and eye tracking also. You can shake your hand in front of the tablet then it can perform some action. You can attach different body gestures with different tasks on your tablet e.g. making a call, opening Gmail, opening the camera etc.

Computer tasks:

Your tablet can perform nearly all tasks that a normal computer can perform. For example, you can read emails, and books, watch movies, listen to podcasts, take notes, do image editing, and use MS Office also. Tablet has a calculator, stopwatch, weather forecast etc.

Attending conference:

You can group chat with your friends, office employees, or family members. Tablet has big screen than a smartphone and attending a conference with a tablet is good. You can also monitor your office or business by live webcam through the tablet.

Disadvantages of tablet PC

Some drawbacks of tablets PC are:-


Tablets are costly to buy. If you buy a smartphone at a tablet price then the smartphone gives you more features than a tablet. A similar price smartphone has more processor speed, higher RAM, and higher screen density. Some tablets are more costly than laptops also.

Fewer ports available:

If you see the laptop then you notice one thing the laptop has many ports by which you can connect a lot of hardware devices. But in the case of a tablet, you cannot attach many devices to the tablet. Most tablets cannot be attached to the projector.

Poor camera:

In the same price range as a tablet, a smartphone has a better camera. Tablets are not meant to take pictures or record high-quality videos. You can use a tablet for video chat but to record videos, a tablet PC is not a good choice. Most tablets also do not come with a flashlight or torch so taking a picture in a darker place is not possible.

Scratch on screen:

Most tablets get scratched quickly. If you place your tablet on a table or any hard place then it gets scratches on it. The screen of the tablet starts looking bad after a month or two. So it is better to have a screen cover to protect your tablet screen.

Small size:

The tablet comes with 7 inches or 10-inch screen. The screen size of a tablet is smaller than a laptop. Due to the small size, you may get problems reading text on the screen. The on-screen keyboard is also small than the traditional keyboard. The typing speed on a tablet is slower than laptop due to small screen size.

No DVD drive:

Tablets lack CD and DVD drives. We know that new laptops don’t have DVD drives also. But if you have important data on DVD and you want to read that data then you cannot do this with the tablet.


You cannot play heavy games on a tablet. Also, some heavy apps do not load on a tablet. If any heavy game opens on your tablet then it may slow down your tablet and may lack smooth playing.

Screen replacement:

If for any reason your tablet screen is damaged then replacing the screen is very costly. So you have to be very careful about protecting your tablet from falling on the ground.

Becoming tired:

If you use your tablet for a longer period then you can become tired and you may get pain in your wrist. But in the case of a PC, you can sit for a longer time using the PC.

Data limit:

You cannot store a large amount of data on the tablet. Tablet gives you limited space. If you compare this with a PC or laptop then they have large storage devices and you can store a large amount of data but a tablet gives you fewer data storage.

Examples of tablet PC

Some examples of tablet PC are:-

  • Apple iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
  • Amazon Fire 7
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2

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