What is LAN

LAN or local area network is a network of computers and other network devices within a room, building, school, or any residence. LAN cover a smaller area. In LAN we can share the same internet connection to all the computers and mobile devices.

What is WAN

WAN or wide area network is a network of computers and network devices that are placed at larger distances. WAN covers a large geographical area.


LAN stands for local area networkWAN stands for wide area network
LAN has a high network speed i.e. up to 1000 MbpsWAN has a low network speed i.e. up to 150 Mbps
Establishing LAN is easyEstablishing WAN is difficult
Maintenance of LAN is easyMaintenance of WAN is difficult
The propagation delay is low on LANThe propagation delay is high in WAN
Fault tolerance is high in LANFault tolerance is low in WAN
UTP or coaxial cable is used as a transmission medium Satellite link or PSTN is used as transmission medium
Congestion in LAN is lessCongestion in WAN is high
LAN is famous for broadcastingWAN is famous for point to point
LAN is cheaper than WANWAN is costly than LAN
LAN is owned by one person or by private companyWAN is owned by the private or public companies
Token and ethernet are used as network technologies in LANX.25 and frame relay are used as connectivity technologies in WAN
Components of LAN are hubs, switches, bridges and repeatersComponents of WAN are multi-layer switches, routers, ATMs etc.
LAN has few blockagesWAN has high blockages
An example of LAN is a network connection made in a home, office or small buildingAn example of WAN is the internet and a network connection between countries.

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