Definition of hybrid system

A hybrid system is a combination of two or more subsystems or distinct systems that interact with each other in some way.

In hybrid systems, two systems work together to perform a task. Take the example of the hybrid electric car. The car engine works with an electric system. The engine of the car uses an electric system to improve petrol efficiency. The car moves long distances because the engine and electric system in the car supply electricity to the car.

Types of hybrid system

Hybrid systems have different categories i.e. used in automobiles, agriculture, computing etc. So there are different types of hybrid systems in each field. I am going to discuss the types of hybrid systems in computing. In the computing world hybrid systems have various types such as:-

  • iOS: iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Company. This type of OS is used in iPhones, iPads, and iPods. iOS can easily communicate with Mac OS because it has the same parent company.
  • Android Operating system: Android operating system is developed by Google. Android OS runs on mobiles, tablets, car LCDs and also on TV. Android gives many customization options on mobile devices.
  • Mac OS: Mac OS is developed by Apple Company and it is run on Mac PC and Mac laptops. Mac OS has a microkernel that controls hardware and application programs. The microkernel also does memory management and manages file systems.
  • Windows operating system: Windows OS is developed by Microsoft Company. The hybrid version of Windows is introduced in Windows NT. Windows NT uses hybrid technology and the types of Windows NT are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Examples of hybrid system

Some types of hybrid systems are:-

  • Android, Windows NT, iOS and Mac OS
  • Hybrid Control Systems
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Power System
  • Hybrid Medical Devices
  • Hybrid Electric Aircraft
  • Hybrid Building Energy Management Systems
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Human-Robot Systems
  • Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Hybrid Power Grid Systems
  • Hybrid Electric Ships

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