What is business expert system

This system is designed to give expert advice to executives of the company and help them to make decisions in the company.

This system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect information and make decisions.

Business expert system is based on computers and all the calculations are made using computer processing.

Some benefits of the business expert system are:-

  • Cost reduction
  • Speed of decision making
  • Reliability of work
  • Better decision quality
  • Consistency

Expert people work on the computer and use computer intelligence to make this system work.

This system uses current knowledge of facts and extracts new facts that are used to solve complex problems.

Some programming languages that are used to make business expert systems are C, LISP and PROLOG.

This expert system is also used in our daily computer usage. For example when you are typing a document in MS Word or any other program then spelling mistakes are highlighted. The highlighting of spelling mistakes uses an expert system that is built into the application programs.

Similarly when we are coding in any coding software like VS Code then different programming errors are highlighted. The coding software also used an expert system.

The expert system helps our business to grow faster and helps to make important decisions and solve our daily business problems.

Examples of business expert system

  • Predictions of the stock market
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Predictions of growth of crops in different areas
  • Used in accounting
  • Hiring/Firing of human resources
  • Increase/decrease in inventory
  • Used in games
  • Coding of software
  • Used in Marketing

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