Computer education for beginners

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computer education for beginners
computer education for beginners

Computer is used all over the world nowadays. With the invention of internet it is now easy to learn online. At the beginning of 1990 the start of education through computer increases and the sale of apple computer increased. In the current days the computer is used in all the fields in our life. For example we use computers in scientific field, medical field, education, hospitals, research, stores, airlines, homes, manufacturing, machines and office and in many other fields and departments. So the scope of computer education is very vast. In our life computer is taking important part. So it is also necessary for our children to keep in touch with computers. But there is disadvantage of computer also. I give you one example. I know two children who were good at their study and they took good positions in exams. They go to their friend home to use computer. So their parents decide to buy them a computer. The parents told them that they will buy them a computer. One day computer come to their home. Parents advise their children to use the computer in positive way and use it for your study. The children were very happy to see the computer and they reject parent’s advice. They start playing games in computer and watching movies. They keep no attention to their studies and even in exam days they don’t care about their homework. So they go for exams and very worried in the examination hall. In the result day the parents were sitting in result hall and they were thinking that their children will took first two positions in the class. But parents were shock that both children fail in two papers. The parents said to children that we advised you to use computer in positive way but you don’t pay attention. Both children felt ashamed and they promise their parents from today they only use their computer for their studies.
Now the thing is that how do the beginners get education easily. If you have access to the internet then there is huge opportunity to get knowledge from internet. For example when I was in my college life I have to face many problems in finding help about my studies. Someone told me about This website is good resource for beginners. This website is for mostly web developers and programmer who want to become programmer. Then I suggest you to use to get most of the help. There are other search engines also but I mostly use google because it is mostly widely used and has good results. There is also another site that I have used in my beginner days of programming This site gives very easy tutorials for beginners. It has tutorials about php, wordpress, zend and more. If you are related to java then I suggest you to visit is the good resource for java programmers. When I was doing job in java then I use this site daily. Google is the good friend of you for finding lot of information especially for beginners.

computer education for students
computer education for students

Mostly beginner face problems are deciding which computer course they do. I suggest you to first do little research on internet about which computer jobs has more demand in market. And also what is your interest. If you have more interest in graphics and animation then you go for it. If you have interest in programming then you have to choose programming. After selecting your field then you have to decide which institute you want to join. You have to check following things about the institute:-

  • Is that institute is running from last 5 years
  • Do they have good lab facility
  • Do that institute is offering latest courses
  • Are their teachers are qualified and experienced
  • Timing of course, are you free at that time
  • Is the fees of the courses is within limit of your pocket
  • Also ask your friends about institute

With my experience I have noted that before starting any computer course you have to try to study that course by your own and try to get little bit of knowledge from internet. If you have little knowledge about what you are doing then you can ask questions to your teachers. Also do your experiment daily related to that course. Programming is that field in which if you doing coding continuously then you are good in that. If you leave the coding for few months or a single year then you will forget 50% or 80% of syntax of that programming or functions used in that programming. I have met a student who is older than me. He said that he was working in programming 5 years ago and told me that he was good in programming. But as he left to do the programming any more before 5 years and now he forgets 90% of programming he was doing at that time. So he asks me get him train again. Computer is that field in which continuous work is necessary, if you stop working on it then it takes you long time to recover your knowledge. Man is a machine if that machine is working continuously then its ok but if you place that machine aside and run it after some years then it is hard that it start working.

Nowadays there is also another way of learning. Instead of TV, radio computer is good friend of you and better and efficient medium of knowledge. There are training cd’s available which is good then reading books. Video training is good and saves your time unlike books which takes long time. is good video training resource. Search thenewboston in YouTube search bar. Thenewboston is a channel on YouTube which gives you training video about many of computer courses. You can also visit for the latest videos. The owner of that site started making videos on computer and now he has huge collection of training videos. I often visit his YouTube channel and look for any new video he has created. If you have not computer at your home then you can also go to nearest net cafe for some time for getting computer knowledge.

So getting education in computer is necessary in our life. In hospitals we use computers to keep track of employees, their address, salaries, patient history and reports. There are computerized systems in hospitals and also alarm system. It is also used in education department like teachers use it. Teachers give their presentations, manage tests and have calendar notes. Students make groups on some websites like yahoo groups to have communication with each other and share files with each other. There are also training software which help teacher to give training to students.

Before wrapping this article I have to say that learning computer is your future investment. And you get jobs in computer field if you choose right course. For beginners computer is little bit hard at first glance but practice makes the man perfect.

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