In today life we have to keep in touch with the latest knowledge of computer. Computer is becoming part of our daily life. All kind of people use computers like children, student, teachers, doctors, receptionist, and professional people. With the invention of internet it is now easy to get knowledge of different fields of computer. For example if you are programmer then you aim is to search for coding problems. If you have mobile or iphone then you want to get latest news about the software and unlock your mobile sets. By day to day websites are increasing and finding website that gives you accurate information is difficult. So I suggest you to download toolbar from their website and install in your browser. You can first check what is the ranking of website you currently viewing. If the ranking is good then the information is that website is more accurate than the websites with very low ranking.

Latest knowledge of computer field

Latest knowledge of computer field is good resource of finding what you want. There is new feature in google search. All websites you search in google have alexa ranking bar with their links. If the ranking of that site is good then that mean its knowledge is better. You have to also keep up-to-date with processor of your computer. For example intel core i7 is new processor nowadays. If you not afford the high price processor then go for dual core 2 processors. I have dual core 2 processor and it supports both 32 bit and 64 bit. If you have good processor in you pc then you find yourself easy to use your pc as it has high speed. Also use high ram if you want to increase speed of your computer. If you have very low speed of computer then it is impossible for you to open 3 or 4 sites at the same time and also you are unable to open two applications same time.

If you are keen to use new mobile sets then you have to keep in touch with the latest technologies coming in mobile world. For example nowadays 4G and 5G is coming with latest mobile sets. You also have good searching techniques on internet. For example in google search if you want to find only specific words then you can enclose the words in double quotes. Let’s say you want to find iphone features then you write “iphone features” in search. If you want to find only results from some specific site then you can put iphone

Don’t use old books and magazines; go for new books and magazines. Also visit online computer magazine sites to get latest information about IT world. Also visit tech blogs on net daily for latest information. For example visit and These sites update daily with something new in it.

If you are programmer like wordpress, joomla, drupal, java, oracle, .net then visit the official sites of them and get latest information about their software. Also visit forums of that sites to see what other programmer are facing problems.

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