Whenever you launch a product and want to give service to your customer then you need some type of marketing. Without marketing it is impossible to survive your business. You can watch around your surroundings and you notice that all marketing going on. You see a shop and in front of a shop you will see a board of that shop. Similarly if you visit websites there are ads on websites. You watch daily ads on newspapers, TV or listens ads on radio. This is all marketing.

Good marketing techniques

Good marketing techniques

There are two main types of marketing:-

  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing

If you are doing online marketing then you should know seo(search engine optimization). There is also sem(search engine marketing). If you want to place your ads on website then you should look for some high traffic site and good alexa ranking. You can also write an article and give link of your product page in that article. You can publish the article on your own site or on some high traffic site. If you are writing an article then figure out who is your audience. Make the article enjoyable so that no one get bored in it. Write the article in your own style in which you talk. Write with passion and from your heart. Keep discipline in writing. Suppose you want to write an article today then write it today not go for some other day. Adjust your timing, so that when you are free at some time in a day then make your mind that you will write article at that time. If you are tired at some time then don’t adjust that time. For example I am nowadays free at home and I find good time at night so I write articles at night so that no one can disturb me. Don’t do the work fast and make your article good in quality too. If you are article writer then write article daily. If you can’t write article daily then just make your mind that I have to write an article about something. Don’t say that I love to do it but do it now.

Remember to reach your destination and do your tasks of marketing daily. If you own a website then ask for people to subscribe to newsletter on opening of website or on exit of website. Convert the visitors on your website to customers. Insert more pictures in your website so it looks good. Make your website simple and move your complex text on subpages. By complex text I mean the text which is hard to understand. Don’t make long pages and divide the big pages into small one.

Make schedule of your time and stick on your schedule. If you have fast food shop or a restaurant then put sign board on side of the road so that it attracts people. Place picture of your product in front of your shop. Suppose if you sale bread and you have bakery then give people a sample taste. And give them a free sample. And for giving free sample ask people to fill a form and collect their emails. So these email address may be used for email marketing. If you own your business then it gives flexibility.

Keep in touch with successful people and get advice from them. If you become successful man then people will send you emails or phone calls to give your services of marketing techniques.

You can advertise in TV, radio, newspapers, outdoor advertisement but putting sign board of your product cost less money. Video advertisement is also good way but keep in mind the quality of video. By quality I mean the material you cover in that video. Search engine marketing is the low cost type of marketing I mean it is organic. There is email marketing also but 90% of readers not read marketing mails.

Offline marketing is that which is not done on internet. There are many types of online and offline marketing:-

  • Mobile marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Outbound marketing
  • Email and newsletter marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Marketing trade shows
  • Direct marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Promotional marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • B2B(Business to business) marketing
  • B2C(Business to consumer) marketing

I hope you find these good marketing tips helpful.

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