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Nowadays every one using internet likes to develop own website. With website you can express yourself and you can show yourself to the world. Website is of different types. For example one website consists of just photos you catch up daily or may be consists of videos. You can also make website of articles. You write articles and then publish to your website daily, weekly or on monthly basis. For making website of articles also called blog, you need a very popular framework called wordpress. Now what is framework or cms, it enable you to hide difficult tasks from you and give you good user interface or number of classes that you can use to develop your website.

skills required to develop website
skills required to develop website

I would suggest you to learn basic html and css for developing your own website. The good resource for learning html and css is w3schools.com. Html and css are used to make static websites but if you want to develop dynamic site then you can use html and css with php or any server side language like java or asp.net. Dynamic site is that whose content comes from database and which is changing its content dynamically. There is other stuff you need to learn to develop more professional website like javascript, jquery, photoshop, xml and many frameworks and cms. But for developing basic starting website you only need basic html and css.

You first develop your website at your local computer and if you want that your website is seen by the world then you need some hosting provider which hosts your website. There are many free web hosting providers available. You can search on google about “free php hosting” or “free web hosting “. For making your website I recommend you to use editor like dreamweaver. Dreamweaver gives good user interface for making websites. You can also make your website from readymade templates. There are many sites on net which gives free templates to download. You can search on google about “free css templates”. Once you downloaded the template then you can edit the files and just replace the content with your needs and your website is ready.

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