I am in the world of website development for last 5 years. Web development is becoming more popular day by day. There are many websites made every day. So there is huge work to maintain these websites and also to make new websites. There are simple one page sites to large websites like facebook. Some people watch the websites and daily use the websites and one day they also aim to develop their own website. Developing website is not a single day work, it includes lot of skills to develop good website. If you want to make a company which develops websites then you must have some know-how of how websites are developed and what technologies needed to develop websites. Developing website is very interesting if you know how to develop and is also boring and difficult if you don’t know the skills required to develop website.

website development skills

website development skills

So here are some steps and skills you need to develop your own website:-

  • You have to work on some real time projects to have good experience how today’s websites are developed. You will come to know new technologies required to make websites.
  • If you are reading some books which teach how to make websites then also implement the examples in that book.
  • Learn html from w3schools.com and htmldog.com
  • Learn css. In css learn about styling, positioning and advanced css
  • Learn about javascript. In javascript learn about javascript effects and its concepts
  • Learn javascript framework like jquery, Mootools, script.aculo.us
  • Learn about jquery plugins like form validation plugins and others
  • Learn php, python, ruby but I suggests you to learn php first because it is widely used
  • Learn sql. Sql is used to query databases and get database records and also insert and update database records. Also learn joins in sql
  • Learn regular expression. Regular expressions are used to validate email and also used in htaccess
  • Learn .htaccess tricks
  • Learn about version control
  • Learn about php frameworks like codeigniter, cakephp and zend

After learning all the above technologies you become good enough to make your better website. First start learning only the basics of these technologies like learn about basic of html and css then go to advanced level.

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