I started making video tutorials when I was impressed by some people who are already making videos tutorials on youtube and some other websites. Videos give better way to deliver your knowledge and it cover lot of things in less time. If you read tutorials on net then you know it consumes lot of your time. Similarly learning from books and get some usual knowledge from it takes huge time of yours. Making video tutorials is not as easy as you think. It is not just that you set mic and then start recording.

skills to make video tutorial

skills to make video tutorial

With my experience I have learned following things needed to make good video tutorial:-

  • Do some research on the topic you are making videos. Get good content from the books and from net. Don’t copy anyone code from net. Just get an idea how people are writing the tutorials.
  • View some video tutorials that people have already made and note which things they have done bad and which things you like. So follow good things you noted in that videos and try to omit the bad things.
  • Don’t speak very close to mic and if you have come from walk then do take rest and then record your video.
  • Record your videos in silence environment. I usually record videos in night time when there is silence in my room.
  • Write all the points in a paper that you want to deliver in videos.
  • If you are making any program then first make it yourself and test it.
  • If you want to make many videos then after making first video, check it that its voice is loud and there is no mistake in the video.
  • If you want to record a long video then do test a demo video of 1 min that your mic is working right before recording the long video.
  • There are many screen recording software but I use camtasia because It has very good interface and good quality of video and audio. There are many formats available in which you can save your video.

Don’t get frustrated if you make some mistakes while making videos. After making two or three videos you become good enough to make a better quality video.

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