When you see some websites on internet then you also get ambition to make your own website or ask someone to make website for yourself. In my beginning days of website development I use free hosting. But later i think that I have to buy some hosting from any hosting provider. So I feel very difficulty in finding which type of hosting can I choose. There are variety of hosting types available. So in this article I give you comparison between all the hosting types.

Website hosting types
Website hosting types

Here are the details of each of these hosting:-


Vps stands for virtual private server. Some partitions are made on some computer and each partition is called vps. You can install your own operating system on this partition or on vps. Vps has allocated specific disk space. On some vps the banwidth is unmetered. Some web softwares like cpanel can be installed on vps. Some vps providers charge extra for cpanel installation. You can install any software on vps. Virtual private server is costly then shared hosting.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting or managed hosting is an individual computer which is dedicated to only you. The disk space and memory depends upon the computer you have assigned. You can install any operating system on this allocated machine. If you are installing open source operating system then maybe there are no extra charges but if you are to install windows operating system then some extra charges may also be deducted. But in most cases the installation and setup fees is included in the monthly charges. Dedicated servers are assigned monthly transfer rate at speed of 10 Mbits/s, 100 Mbits/s or 1000 Mbits/s. Some providers give full help of managing your dedicated servers and some charges for extra help. Dedicated servers are costly than any of others hosting services.

Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting your data is saved in multiple computers. The concept of cloud hosting was first adopted by Google. Google searches and mail services are all managed by cloud method. In cloud hosting if your website has high load then it is transferred to other machines to keep load balancing and your website speed will not be affected. You have no need to purchase dedicated server and some predefined bandwidth which you don’t use. You will be only charged for the things you utilize. In cloud hosting you only save your data or website in one location and other process of cloud processing is self-managed. The price of cloud hosting is higher than shared hosting but less than vps and dedicated servers but the price also depends upon how much space and bandwidth you are utilizing.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is cheaper than any of the other web hosting. If you have small website and the visitors of your site are less then I suggest you to go for shared hosting. In computer many partitions are made and each website is assigned one partition. One website resides in one partition. Each website has been allocated different space and bandwidth. The disadvantage of shared hosting is that if the computer on which all websites are stored have some serious problem then all the websites will be affected and become no more alive. So here cloud computer or cloud hosting has more benefit.

So if you have successfully chosen your hosting and you are now afraid of how to build your website then I am also web developer. You can ask me to develop your website. I make your website with good quality and better price than others.

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