Many you have heard about niche sites and most of people talk about it on internet. So you are curious to know that what is niche website and why I make niche website. So today I tell about it. Niche website is a site that concentrates on one topic. Suppose you want to make a website about body building then you only write about body building in that website and nothing else. Your all attention will be on some specific topic. Most of website builders are nowadays running their internet businesses which consist of making niche site and earning some amount daily from each site. Suppose you make 20 niche sites and each earn $3 and you make total $60 per site and total of $1200 per month that is good for middle man.

Niche site

Niche site

There is little struggle involved in running that type of site such as you have to get the knowledge of seo before building niche site. You have to first select on which topic you are making your website. When you select the topic and choose the keywords that people are searching about that topic. I suggest you to use google keyword tool as google is number one search engine in the world. Google keyword tool tell you which keyword has more demand and less competition. All the seo experts use it regularly and update their websites or blogs according to that tool. You have to first decide that whether you want to make a niche website or niche blog. If you want to make a blog then go for wordpress as blog get traffic more rapidly than normal website.

Niche websites also involve some link building techniques; I mean you have to get links from some good PR (Page Rank) websites. The free way to get the links is that you can write volunteer article on that good PR sites and ask them that you want your website/blog link in that article also. I think you have to get links from websites which has PR of at least 3.

On niche websites you can also sale products related to your niche topic. You can also sale your own products or the products from other vendors also. This sale will give you extra income. When traffic on your site increases then you can insert ads like google ads on your site and from which you start earning. The advantage of niche website is that it can monetize more quickly than general website which include extra range of topics/articles. Also make sure that you select your domain name according to your topic that will help your site to get good position is searching in search engine. If you don’t want to research on keywords and other stuff then you may hire any seo expert or any company for this task.

Niche websites are useful if you don’t want to vast your research and only concentrate on one topic. This will increase your knowledge in one field and you can write more confidently on specific topic. It takes time to monetize your website but once you catch traffic on your site then you don’t need to have trouble maintaining your site. The maintenance of niche websites is less than other sites. So I hope you understand about niche sites.

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