If you are new in the field of internet and you want to take internet connection at your home or office then follow these steps to get better internet connection:-

  • Ask about your friends or relative that which company internet connection they are using. If most of your friends are using some specific internet connection company then go for that because there should be some reason why most of them are using it.
  • Check the company whether it is getting advance payment of some device or giving you internet connection just on monthly fees and no extra charges, if this is the case then chooses the later i.e. just on monthly fees and no other charges.
  • Is the internet device that company provides is replaced on fault for free or not.
  • Is the internet speed is good and monthly bandwidth is unlimited or not.
  • Do they have phone support available and also check feedback from other users of that company.
  • Check whether the maintenance person is cooperated or not and is that person is available on call or not. You can also investigate with your friends.
  • If there is electricity problem then is that company have alternative power supply also.
  • Is the internet runs fine on holidays and during rush hours or not.
  • Is there any support on their website or not.
  • Does the company configure settings on your computer or not.

There are other factors also but the points I have chosen are very important in choosing better internet service Provider Company.

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