People all over the world are now moving to use the gargets which they can take in their pockets or bags easily and use anywhere. When first time the iphone and tablet was released in the market then people want to know about iOS and android. These words were little bit annoying to the people new to this field. They are both operating system like windows operating system that we use on our desktop PC. But iOS and android is designed for tablets and smartphones. Android is designed to be used on any hardware and can be installed. But iOS can only run on iphone, ipad and other apple products.

When you install your iphone app into ipad then the app runs ok but the pixels show clear because iphone app use less pixel dimension then ipad. So it is awkward and feels discomfort while using iphone apps on ipad. Each app on iOS is designed for specific dimensions in mind. But if you compare it with android then android devices has thousands of dimensions on every device so android device can calculate and adjust the dimensions nicely.

Currently android 4.1 is latest version and it uses hardware very efficiently. In android the file manager very nicely organizes files and you can import and export files with external resources easily. While in iOS there is no file manager and each app imports and organizes its files individually so there are multiple copies of each file in each app you are using. There is also no flash support in iOS. Google talk and Google video chat is also not available iOS.

Google products like Google talk, Google map, Google search, youtube are very nicely integrated with android. Google talk is by default installed in most of android devices. Samsung is the biggest mobile company which uses old and latest versions of android in their smartphones. Other companies include htc and others. Android uses wifi for locating hotspots. I have seen Samsung and htc smartphones with android installed on it and using high MP of camera as compare to iOS devices which uses less MP camera. The developer forum support is free for android developers. Instagram is also now available on Google play store and is now ready to install on android devices. Instagram like on iOS become very popular on android and gets lot of 5 star reviews after its launch on Google play.

The new version of iOS can be predictable but we cannot exactly predict android update. As android can be installed on any hardware so you can also install android on ipad and enjoy its features. Android has different navigation for different devices due to lot of supported dimensions but iOS keep a standard of how user can navigate and use apps. If you are new to tablets then iOS is best for you and it has very easy to use UI (user interface) and app design. If you accidently delete app icon on home screen of ipad then that app is not removed from your system but it only removes shortcut. To completely remove the app you have to go the settings and uninstall that app. As there is no expandable memory for iOS available but you can use drop box and tera byte of cloud space in it.

Android also support NFC with Bluetooth and you can transfer your data through Bluetooth easily. As android is open source so you can customize the core files with your needs. But by defaults the system files are hidden in android but can be accessed if you need.

The bottom line is that android is more useful if you have already used smartphones and tablets before but if you are new then I prefer you to use iOS.

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