This is the new era of technology. Everyone is now in touch with latest news by many gadgets in the market. Two decades back we have only choice of pc to access to the internet. Now the days are changed. There are thousands of devices available which gives us access to internet. The most common and mostly used device is tablet. Ipad by Apple was the first successful device which reach to people hand.

Benefits of buying a tablet

Benefits of buying a tablet

Today I will give you some of the benefits I get to buy my new tablet.

Facebook everywhere:-

I have bought my android tablet and the first app I download from Google play is facebook app. It is very handy to use facebook on tablet. Very nice chat and a menu which is specially made for the tablet. You can access facebook anywhere you like while keeping your tablet in your pocket.

Nice games:-

Tablet without games is useless if you are young. There are many racing games like “need for speed” and many puzzle games also. When I get bored I start my tablet and playing the games.

Organizing your time:-

If you want to organize your time then there are some apps available in Google play store by which you can track your time and which alerts you about important tasks. For example I am using a free app name “astrid” which help me to manage tasks.

Watching your tv shows timing:-

There are apps available by which you can see the timings of your important shows on tv. Some apps also give you access to recorded shows which you may have missed.

You can also watch your favorite tv channels like hbo, animal channel, cartoon network, star movies and others.

Access Technology and other articles:-

“Feedly” is very good app I installed on my tablet which give me access to my Google reader feeds. This app loads the site in its own and only displays the specific article you want to access. You can also access other popular sites on which you have not subscribed.


If you want to listen to audio or video songs then there are apps for this also. Some apps also help you to watch movies on your tablet. You can also install youtube app and access the youtube on your tablet which is in mobile version that is easy to use.

Reading books:-

If you are keen to read books then you can install adobe reader on your tablet and start reading books. I have copied some of my favorite books from my pc and when I got time, I start reading the books.

Access to all the websites:-

If you have android tablet then you have Google chrome installed on your tablet by default. So you can access to any website you like.

Which size of tablet is best for you:-

I think if you travel most of time then 7-inch tablet is best for you. I have currently no issue in 7-inch tablet. It is easy to handle it on your hand and is less weight also.

Why to buy new version of tablet:-

If you want to have access to all the new apps then install new version of tablet and it is also free of flaws which were in older version. Buying a new version of tablet is just like buying new model of car which has extra features in it also.

Final thoughts:-

I think if you are a social person and you want to keep update with the world then buying a tablet is good step. If you are a student then you can manage your time and read books and store your important data on tablet. If you are a business man then there are hundreds of apps which helps you in managing your business. You can also manage your wallet by the tablet.

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