As we have seen that many smartphones are coming with big sizes and people are loving to buy these smartphones. The analogy is between big computer screens and the smartphones. People are loving to have big screens to play games and use apps. So you have to more conscious in choosing your next tablet. Companies like Samsung and Toshiba are working in the way to make the next generations tablets as big size as users like.

Extra large screen tablets

Samsung is planning to launch 12.2 inch tablets in the early of 2014. The research on it is already started and they are also testing it for compatibility of devices. The new big screen tablets will be under manufacturing in the next year. Toshiba has also launched 13.3 inch wrapper so it not feels so shocking to have 12 inch tablets. Many other companies are making tablet pc for 10 inch and 11 inch size also. But this will be first attempt for big companies like Samsung to launch 12 inch tablets. Many tablets running windows 8 and 8.1 are running at the screen size of 11.6 inch.

The new Samsung note is expected to be launched with bigger screen size and it will be delightful to be in the hands of people expecting this. So the next generation of big size tablets has begun now and from now on we will see the large screen tablets rolling around all the way.

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