Virtual cash is actually method of getting money indirectly. In the later text I give you short detail of why virtual cash is used and how it can benefit different websites. I love snooker and before two months I register on a site and download its game. Now in that game there are things to buy like snooker sticks and chocks to play at that game and show others that you are professional player. To get these things you should have virtual cash in your account. To increase your virtual cash there are two options. One option is to play lot of winning games. And other option is to buy virtual cash by using your credit card or PayPal.  Now these games first interacts the users and then they offer some options that are interested to users and users tend to buy them by increasing virtual cash.

Virtual cash

Virtual cash

On some websites there are points and stars assigned to users depended upon how active they are on the website. Similarly virtual cash works like this. Users can increase their virtual cash by being more active on the website. Facebook had also launched that type of virtual cash that Facebook named it “Facebook credits” and Facebook also earned lot of money from it. The Facebook credit was used by different games on Facebook and Facebook charge 30% for it. But most of game owners prefer to use their own virtual cash facility so Facebook had to close that facility.

Another popular game on Facebook is called “Farm valley”. This game also uses virtual prizes or virtual cash to keep users interest and it is making lot of money from this game. Users have to buy virtual prizes by using real cash.

I have seen some websites and games (that are using virtual cash and prizes) are earning lot of money as compared to those sites which use advertisement on their sites.

This world is now moving from bank cheques and credit cards to virtual cash system. Now you can pay your utility bills by your mobile. But this is very risky because most of hackers are always sitting on internet to get little mistake in security in website and they will never miss a chance to get money in their hands.


Virtual cash is just used to make lot of money from games and websites. Virtual cash is also used to get huge traffic to website and get more income as compared to using ads.

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