In the first week of launch of iphone 5c and iphone 5s, these two iphones are sold 9 million times. Now the strange thing is that the iphone 5s gold color is made in few quantity. So people are thinking that this type of iphone is made up of gold. So on ebay store one person sold the iphone 5s which price was $199 and sold at $10,000. Now there is suspense in people occurring that whether this iphone is made of gold or it has only color of gold.

Rumors were thinking that these new iphone models will not sold at high quantity but after the launch date Apple get tremendous sale and get good response from the buyers. Remember that when iphone 5 was launched it was sold 5 million times at the first 3 days.

New iphone 5s and iphone 5c has come up with new advanced features which has caught user interest. Now iphone 5s gold color creates some problem because it is selling at high rates by the people. So people who get this gold iphone 5s are reselling it at high rates and getting huge profit.

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