With the new launch of iOS 7, there are many features added. Apple is working all his way to know how users are using its products and what more demanded features are. But every product face some problems, considering disadvantages in the article is also important.

Merits and demerits of ios 7Advantages of iOS 7

  • The best advantage is that the UI of all the components is improved.
  • New control central is added by which you can turn of and turn off some settings quickly like WI-FI and other modes.
  • The lock screen get more user friendly UI and now can’t unlock your screen accidently.
  • More gestures are added to new version of iOS, especially moving fingers side by side in browser looks nice.
  • Animation plays an important role, moving from one message to another involves nice animation with bubble like effect.
  • New font is added i.e. Helvitica which gets nicer to eyes.
  • Wallpapers in each product matches each product color like iphone 5c involves different colors and styles of wallpapers included.
  • Spotlight search is new feature that can be accessed on any place by moving your finger from top to bottom.
  • Text messages is now little bit improved likewise if you slide to left within the message then time on all messages will appear.
  • When clicking on any icon on screen it tends to appear as zooming into the app as it opens up.
  • Seeing weather these days is very curious for every one so Apple weather app is also evolved into new look. Now hour by hour information of weather is also displayed and when there is raining in the selected area drops appear on the app likewise clouds appear on the app when cloudy weather.
  • New feature added by which adding unlimited apps in the folder and can be access on any page. Now going to home screen is not involved.
  • With iOS7, new ring tunes are added with nice lyrics and sounds good.
  • Handling emails becomes fast now, moving to trash is just awesome and easy.
  • Now on home screen, all the open apps and pages are displayed and you can turn off apps by just pressing and moving out of screen.
  • Calendar app is also improved.
  • Now photos and videos can be placed into groups and collection making it handy. Get quick access to pictures and videos become fast with iOS 7.
  • Clock icon on home screen appears to be realistic, the seconds now changes and appear just like real.
  • Doing painting on compass app is new feature added.
  • Another advantage in iOS7 is that when you are in driving mode then the screen brightness tend to decrease little bit to not disturb you during driving.
  • Now closing multiple apps is easy, just swipe more than one app icons on home page with multiple fingers to out of screen.
  • Siri is also taken advantage in new version, opening settings and turning off and on Wi-Fi can be done with siri.
  • If someone is disturbing you with calls again and again you can just use new feature of stop and it can be set as blocked in Phone options.
  • Now the apps near you can be displayed by near me feature.

Disadvantages of iOS 7

  • The major disadvantage of iOS 7 that appears appealing is that icons are displayed as flat now, in older version of iOS, the icons appear as real.
  • Now with more gestures added to the operating system, it now involves unusual movement of the screen.
  • If you shifted from android to iphone then you will feel little trouble e.g. when you close the app in iphone then it will shift you to the folder not the home screen which feels annoying.
  • If you are using side by side feature then if you open any app then background tends to move behind the screen which gives an anonymous effect.
  • To display notification and spotlight is confusing because both displayed by moving fingers from top to bottom?
  • Now apple products ships with third party charges which has poor quality and now if you want to improve your iOS7 performance you have to buy genuine charger from Apple.
  • With new features added, now it is difficult to find all the settings and new users have problem finding it.
  • The keyboard is improved but it is now difficult to know what is happening with capital words whether is done or not while you press shift key.
  • Now if you connect your phone with WI-FI then all apps update its information in the background which reduces battery performance and battery tends drone up rapidly.
  • It is difficult to check whether phone is charging or not because it displays red color in battery sometimes while it is charging so you think it is not charging.
  • The home button has not gesture so if you want to go to home screen you have to press physical button.

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