The first iPhone named iPhone 2G was released on June 29, 2007. Before the invention of the iPhone, there was iPod launched which at that time was only accessed in the United States. From the start of 2008, the iPhone became available to the rest of the world. The first few countries where iPhone was sold include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

iPhone was the first touch screen phone with a lot of features including a camera, internet access, iTunes support. The first iPhone was designed by Jonathan “Jony” lve. And first iPhone was made by Apple and the late Steve Jobs.

Merits and demerits of iPhone
Pros and cons of IPhone

Before I start discussing the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone, let me mention some of the features of iPhone. Below are some of the features that the iPhone has:-

  • Camera support
  • iTunes support
  • Voice assistant Siri
  • Storage of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB
  • Ram of 4GB and 6GB
  • 1.96 million apps in the Apple app store
  • 4G and 5G support
  • The new iPhone model supports dual sim
  • The new iPhone model comes with a 12MP camera
  • The new iPhone comes with a GPU of 4 core graphics
  • Face ID
  • Compass
  • Barometer
  • Proximity
  • Gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB) support
  • Fast charging
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • USB support
  • Up to 80 hours of music play
  • The new iPhone has a processor of Hexa-core (2×3.1 GHz Firestorm + 4×1.8 GHz Icestorm)

Below are some of the pros and cons of the iPhone:-

Advantages of iPhone:

Good performance:

iPhone has a better processor and GPU that consumes a low battery and gives maximum output. A new processor in the iPhone can process 2.7 billion instructions per second.

Audio Quality:

Apple iPhone comes with the good audio quality of the mic, speaker and loudspeaker. You will not feel any rough sound from the speaker and mic.

No app crashes:

All Apps in the Apple app store has to go through a strict approval process. Only apps with good performance score get approved. So there are very fewer chances that any app gets crashed. All apps also update frequently to fix any future problems.

Same look and feel:

If you use Apple products then you feel no problem in using any new product of Apple. All products of Apple comes with the same look and feel. Also if you buy a new iPhone then you get used to it very soon. Young and old people feel no difficultly in terms of the user interface of the iPhone.


There are plenty of popular companies that are associated with the iPhone. For example, iHealthLabs is a company that makes blood pressure monitors, wireless scales, wireless pulse oximeter, and activity monitors.

Use less code:

Objective-C is a programming language that is used to make iPhone apps. This language uses less code to make the app as compared to Android which uses more code to build the app.

Good privacy:

Apps in the Apple app store are less prone to viruses. The apps have a good privacy score and there are very few changes that your data will be leaked. Data is very important for everyone and if you use iPhone then you are safe from hackers. There are no fake apps in the Apple app store. In the case of Android, any type of app get approved quickly but it is difficult to approve the app in the Apple app store.

Battery performance:

iOS devices use battery efficiently. In an Android phone, your battery is also consumed high while you are not using your phone. But iPhone users can use their phone all day without charging. Some Android phones come with a large capacity of battery but due to the low quality of apps, the battery vanishes quickly in Android. If you have enabled GPS in Android then your battery vanishes quickly and GPS will use the battery if you are not using the phone also. On the iPhone, you can enable/disable GPS easily.

Few ads:

In Android phones, many ads show up while you use any app. But this is not the case with iPhone users. iPhone users get very few ads while using their phones.

New version release:

Apple always releases its iOS version on time. You get a new version of iOS (iPhone operating system) every year. All old iPhone models get software updates also. If you compare it with Android then most Android phones get software updates for 18 to 24 months. After that period Android phones get a security problem.

Best camera:

The quality of the iPhone camera is awesome. No other mobile camera can compete with the iPhone. You will not feel any issue with the camera.

Apple app developer earns more:

iOS app developer earns more money as compared to Android app developer.

Apple pay:

You don’t need to have always a credit card with you. Apple pay can help you to do online shopping with your iPhone easily.

Sharing of data:

There is a feature in Apple devices by which you can get access to the same data on all the devices. I mean all the data in-sync across all the Apple devices. If you are viewing any web page and leaves your phone and start using any other Apple device (e.g. iPhone) then the same web page opens on your new Apple device (e.g. iMac). The apps which help sync data are Calendar, Facetime, Contacts, Airdrops, and Calendar.

Uninstall bloatware:

Bloatware apps are those that use a lot of space and memory. The apps in iPhone use space and memory efficiently. If you see any app that is bloatware then you can easily uninstall that app. But if you compare it with Android (e.g. Samsung) then most bloatware apps like Facebook, Flipboard are preinstalled and you cannot uninstall those app.

Good resale value:

As old iPhone models also get software updates so the resale value of old phones is good also.

Disadvantages of iPhone:

Few free apps:

There are few free apps available on the Apple app store and most apps are paid. So there are fewer chances to get a good app for free.

Non-replaceable parts:

iPhone parts cannot be replaced if damaged. For example, you cannot replace the battery in your iPhone. For replacing any part, there are changes to damage the circuit of the phone.

Higher price:

If your iPhone fell from your hand or stolen then you will lose a higher amount of money. As it is very costly so you have to always need careful. Accessories like Apple pencil, phone cases, lightning cable, and Airpods are costly.

Larger apps:

Most of the apps on the iPhone are large. So the space in iPhone is consumed quickly. Some apps store lot of data on the phone which make the phone slow.


If you want little customization to the phone and installing 3rd party apps then you need to jailbreak your phone. It is noted that it is difficult to install an old version of iOS after doing a jailbreak. You have chances to lose all data after you jailbreak your phone i.e. it is impossible to un-root your phone without deleting all data.

High repair cost:

All the parts of the iPhone are costly so the repairment cost of the iPhone is also costly. Most customers try to buy a new phone instead to repair it.

Not open platform:

As you know that Android is an open platform and it is easy to do customization on Android phones. But iOS supported devices are not customizable and all the code is private. You have to jailbreak your phone to make it customizable. But if you jailbreak your iPhone then the privacy of your phone comes at a risk.

No radio and widgets:

iPhone does not come with a built-in radio. You have to download a radio app to listen to the radio. There is also no widget support for the iPhone. You also cannot change the screen launcher on your iPhone.

Apple charges:

It is difficult to find Apple iPhone chargers. As Apple make all its iPhone parts so you will not get 3rd party iPhone chargers from the market.

Same port for headphone and charger:

There is the same port for headphone and charger. So you cannot listen to music with your headphone while your phone is charging.

Cannot use torrent:

You cannot download anything from torrent sites because they are banned on the iPhone. Websites like Vuze, BitTorrent, uTorrent are blocked on iPhone.

Downloading apps:

You can only download apps from the Apple app store. It is not possible for downloading apps from 3rd party website like an amazon app store.

Examples of iPhone:

  • iPhone 3G, 3GS
  • iPhone 4, 4S
  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone 6, 6S, 6 PLUS, 6S PLUS
  • iPhone 7, 7 PLUS
  • iPhone 8, 8 PLUS
  • iPhone X, XS, XR, XS MAX,
  • iPhone 11, 11 PRO , 11 PRO MAX
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 PRO , 12 PRO MAX

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