When I first time started my career in 2007 on internet, I was new and nobody knows about me. I take following steps to become a known on internet and social networking sites:-

Make your skills:-

If you want that everyone knows about you and willing to talk with you on internet then make your skills. I am not talking about the skills of repairing a car or building a house. You have to make internet skills like in programming, blogging, image editing, web designing/development, IOS/android development and much other skills. You can choose any of the skill you like to be interested and start learning it. This is the first step to be well prepared for your impression on others.

Help others:-

If you know something and you want to attract people then give them free help in your extra time. That way people take interest in you and they again come to you and tell others that you help him/her. On internet all the knowledge is available but if you have a website then you can deliver that knowledge in a nicer way.

Get popular

Get popular

Make your email contacts:-

I am not talking about to buy email lists because they are mostly time fake and not to be your interest. You can give your email address and tell the person to contact you if he has anything to be discussed. In Gmail there is a feature that if you send or receive two or more emails then that person will be added to your connections. That way you can have lot of connections build in your email address.

Create account on social networking sites:-

You can create account on most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others and just export your connections from Gmail and import into these social networking sites. You will see that you have make lot of friends on these sites by just importing your friends.

Get help from your relatives:-

If you have a website on which you write articles then don’t fear to get help from your brothers and sisters or even your wife. I tend to ask my sister and brother to write an article for my blog. So they agree to write one in their spare time. That way you will get a new flavor on your site.

Don’t spend lot of money:-

I don’t suggest you not invest lot of money for your popularity. Just work around your skills and deliver your knowledge free of cost. Later on you can give paid work also.

Work regularly:-

If you have a website or profile on social networking sites then do update them regularly. In all the sites there is a feature that if you not update your site within ten days then you will not be seen by others and related pages of that site.

Be search engine friendly:-

Do work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and learn the basics of SEO and how do search engine works. Make your business page on all the popular sites like Google+, Facebook and others and share your information on those pages.

Where do I am standing:-

I have now lot of contacts on all the sites. I have more than 600 contacts on linkedin. I have also more than 500 followers on Google plus that I make in few days. Also I have thousands of connections on my gmail account. You can also become famous if you work daily on your site and other social networking sites.

What’s Next:-

If you have connections with lot of people on internet than you can easily market your site and business and lot more things that you may already know.

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