Science is made from knowledge and research about physical things. Nature of science involves history, continuously research and changing assumptions about the world. The concepts of science are changing with time. The methods used in science for performing any action is changing with new methods.

Studying Natural Science

Scientific perceptions also differentiate from one scientist to another. Every scientist makes results from his own research and his results may be different from other scientists. Science is evolving with time. It is not possible for the researchers and natural scientists to make the right statement. Every statements and research paper may be challenged by any other scientist in the future.

Some of the main characteristics of science are listed below:-

  1. Verifiability: The questions which have provable answers in science is known as verifiability. The questions like does God exists are not related to science.
  2. Systematic exploration: Systematic exploration means we go step and step to find the results. Scientists do organized planning, design and research to know about nature.
  3. Precision: In science words or sentences are precisely presented. For example, in a normal language, we can say that most people don’t like love marriage. But in science, we have to be more precise like we can say 90% of people don’t like love marriage.
  4. Abstractness: Science force to make ideas and not events. A scientific approach makes abstract principle. It is not going to make a realistic picture.
  5. Reliability: Science concepts update with the latest data. If there is a research that is made 10 years ago then new scientists add more details to the research and come up with a new idea that is more reliable.
  6. Objectivity: If anyone makes ideas and does outcome a result then he is fully confident that this is the right result. Because he has done all the necessary things like collecting data, inspecting environment and making experiments.
  7. Predictability: Like in anything we predict that this may happen and this may not happen. Similarly, in natural science, students predict that that may happen in the coming years or this may happen if that event occurs next time.
  8. Accuracy: If any doctor has to see the patient then he cannot say that he is sick or not without measuring his temperature through the thermometer. So the doctor gives accurate result to the patient and take decisions after getting the right knowledge.
  9. Ethical neutrality: Scientist may not benefit from the result of the phenomena on its known and it’s a neutral behavior. Maybe the outcome of the research and experiment is beneficial for the society or it may not be helpful for anyone.

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