A job shop is a type of shop or small company which makes unique products. The products or items are made in small quantity. The company who want to make their products orders the shop to make some specialized products. The shop has special general-purpose equipment’s which make the product.

Job shop involves very skilled workers. First, the job details are get from the company. Then mockup or design is made on the computer. The computer then sends details to the machine and the machine then output the final product.

The jobs which are done by the shop are usually not in bulk but for small orders. The quality of products is good as compared to the batch shop. In the batch shop, the quantity of products is high and there are some chances that some products may not be of good quality. But in the case of job shop, each product is made carefully and the quality of the product is high.

A job shop is a type of manufacturing company that make custom products.

You can consider a hospital as a job shop also. The hospital behaves as the shop and patients in the hospital are considered as jobs.

Computer technology plays a vital role in the job shop. The high skilled graphic designers are employed for making the designs of the products. There are two or three types of manufacturing machines placed in the shop to carry out the work.

The example of job shop includes drill passes, milling machines, grinding machines that produce metallic and plastic parts for the vehicles and industrial machines.

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