All human beings need some type of communication to live their lives. In every aspect of daily routine, we need to talk to others. And if we have good communication skills then we can make success in our life. Some people are shy and they cannot progress as others.

Advantages and disadvantages of Networking

Today I am going to tell you what the pros and cons of networking and why we need it.

Pros of networking

Expand business:

When we introduce ourselves to new people then they may get an impression from us. They like our personalities and love to make friends with us. The rule of good business is that people love to company with us and they love to do business with us. If we have good friendship with people or know-how to others then people can tend to purchase from us more likely than others.

To get information:

When we meet a new group of skilled people then our skill is also improved. Suppose I have a skill of graphic designing and I attend a workshop on graphic designing then it is more likely that my knowledge in graphic designing is improved. Then I can do the graphic designing work more nicely than before attending the workshop.

More hiring chance:

In most meetups, different company owners are invited and people can directly chat with them and ask them if they have a vacancy. Some company owners offer job to newcomers also. And some type of meetings is specially arranged for new job seekers.

Improvement in communication skills:

When you first time speaks to the audience then you may feel shy but this will improve your communication and next time you will not fear to meet other people.

Company announcements:

Large company arrange annual meetings of company members. In this meeting, the shareholder of the company participate and talk with the chairman of the company also. This type of meeting has good results as shareholders know what the company will do in coming days.

Get inspiration:

You can get inspiration from speakers in the meetups. Speakers can share their success stories that will inspire you and helps you in achieving your goals.

Cons of networking


If you are a shy person and have no friends then attending the meeting creates a problem for you and next time you will stop going to any meetups.

Wastage of money:

Some meetups are not related to your field or maybe you have no interest in the meetup then it is wastage of your money.

Inaccurate time:

If the meetup is not according to your free time then you cannot attend the meetup. This will make you depressed that you miss something important and you will not focus on your work.

Non-Skilled speaker:

If the speaker in the meetup has not enough knowledge and he cannot answer most questions then it is not beneficial for the people.

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