How to make your blog interesting

Most of bloggers felt boring after starting blogging life. Some bloggers don’t have enough time to blog and some people quit blogging because of very low traffic on their blogs. Blogging need patience and keeping blog active. Blogging is not as easy as it looks like. Important blogging tips So today I discuss about how to make your blog interesting and more attractive. Identify your audience [...]

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How To Get Traffic On Niche Blog

When you start blogging then choose one niche topic on which you want to write. You have to first know what is niche website and importance of niche sites so check it also. So follow the below the steps to get traffic on your blog. Feedburner Create your account in feedburner by going to and link your blog rss with feedburner. If you get many visitors subscribed [...]

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Advantages of writing guest posts

As you know there is very tough competition of blogs nowadays. Your website cannot get in search engine very easily. To get on top results in search engine, your page must be a good ranking page. Few years ago there was not so competition and every blog get good traffic with little struggle. But as many new blogs are coming day by day so it is now harder [...]

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Why my page rank is going down

I have learned lot of things after not updating my site for a month. As you know google panda update has decrease lot of website page rank. Google has changed his strategy so that now medium level articles don’t get easily up on the search engine results. Google bots visits your site depending upon how long you update your site. If your website update regularly and you post [...]

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Future scope of blogging

As you know that the number of blogs are becoming larger day by day. So the blogs which have high quality content survive and the blogs with lower content quality will not succeed on the internet. The young generation are now moving from static content to dynamic content like flash and updating information like twitter. Twitter has a big value in social networking sites. Most bloggers share their [...]

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Good blogging tips for newbie

There are millions of blogs on the internet and the number of blogs is still increasing. So what makes your blog at top level than the other non-interesting blog? There are many ways that you can follow to make your blog better:- Do little bit of research on the topic you are writing about Write with your heart and always go for the article that you [...]

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