Most of bloggers felt boring after starting blogging life. Some bloggers don’t have enough time to blog and some people quit blogging because of very low traffic on their blogs. Blogging need patience and keeping blog active. Blogging is not as easy as it looks like.

Important blogging tips

Important blogging tips

So today I discuss about how to make your blog interesting and more attractive.

Identify your audience

Use Google analytics and note the articles that are more famous on your blog. If some topic is more popular then I suggest you to write articles on that topic. Also see that from which countries most of your visitors are coming. You can judge the audience interest by doing some research on that country about which things most of people are interested to get information on. In India most of people are interesting in tech news and “how to” articles.

Use icons of sharing posts more prominent

If you use sharing of your post in your article with icons then make it prominent and attractive so that users have some intention to click on that icons. Don’t use over attractive and animated icons. Just be professional and is according to web 2.0 colors matching.

Change the design of your blog often

Sometimes visitors on your blog want some change in your blog design and they felt boring in seeing the same design and look again and again. So if you keep your web design of website more overwhelming and nicer than visitors will get new experience with it. Also ask your visitors that they like old design or new design of website and which things to remove in your new design.

Make friendship with other bloggers

If you have friends that also blog then you can also visit their sites often and look what they are posting. You can also check the design of their blogs and what is prominent in their website you most like. If you have friendship with some famous blogger then you also ask him to give a review on his blog. You have to post one or two blog posts on your friend’s website and give links on your blog in author description.

Allow comments with moderation

If you are getting too much span comments on your blog then use Akismet plugin and in blog settings turn on moderation of your comments so that all the posts that visitors post on your site will be approved from you. A blog without comment is not effective as it losses visitor interaction with the author. Also make an option of comment of sending email when a new comment is posted.

Be more specific to your niche

Before creating your blog make some decision on which topic your blog will surround. Don’t post articles irrelevant to your niche or interest. If you make your visitors happy then do write on some specific topic and this is also good for search engine. If you post on variety of topics then search engine will not rank your blog for some specific topic and users also don’t know about which topic this blog is.

Offer rewards to the active visitors

You can offer the visitors who post more comments to your blog and are active on your blog daily. You can give them some prizes so that they will become happy and you will have good networking with them.

Make your blog up to date

If you want that your website traffic not decreases then you have to write at least one article in a day. But writing three articles in a day is best. If returning visitors come to your blog and they don’t find any new articles then they will not come back.

Use spell checking and double check grammar

Spelling mistakes in your article will result in bad impression on your visitor. Write the article in Microsoft word or any other application that has spell checking and grammar checking feature. You can directly paste your content from MS Word to WordPress. There is option in WordPress editor with the “W” icon on top of editor.

Help others for free

If some visitors contact you and ask to solve her problem then do favor them. This will keep trust of you on your visitor and he will come back to your blog often and may also offer you paid work later on.

User latest knowledge in your article

If you use old examples and knowledge in your article that is deprecated then visitors will just close your website. So be informative in a way that you are giving latest information and is to the point that can help others in their work.

Write something unique

Giving original content is good for visitors and search engine also. Copying other blogger text and pasting in your article will decrease interest of your visitors and you will be DE indexed by search engine also.

Keep interaction with social networking site

Use Facebook comments and Facebook page like widget on your blog. This will help Facebook users to easily interact with your blog and your blog will become more popular on social networking site.

Post blog links on social bookmaking sites

Stumbleupon is the social bookmarking site that most of bloggers use and they get huge traffic from it. Other than stumbleupon there is reddit that is also useful. You can get more traffic from it.

Use pictures and videos

Use pictures in your blog to make interest to users. If you want to explain something that is better explained with videos then go ahead and make a video and embed in your blog. Now with wordpress you can directory paste youtube and vimeo video link in html view of text editor and this will show video on your blog.

Make your appearance on video sharing site

Create channel on youtube or vimeo and publish your “how to” videos on that and give links of your blog in that video. This will increase new visitors to your blog.


To make your blog more interesting you should be familiar with web 2.0 and you have good English writing skills. You will have good interaction with social networking sites. Write original content to make your blog alive. Inserting photos and videos in your blog make it easy to follow and read. Use simple wording while writing the blog. Also design of your blog makes first impression to visitor, so keep your design nicer and user friendly.

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