Why my page rank is going down

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I have learned lot of things after not updating my site for a month. As you know google panda update has decrease lot of website page rank. Google has changed his strategy so that now medium level articles don’t get easily up on the search engine results. Google bots visits your site depending upon how long you update your site. If your website update regularly and you post good quality content then your article or content has good value to search engine results. But if you update your site after a month or two then as you expect your site will be affected on search engine.


As I have not updated my site for a month or more so visitors of my site also decreases. I can give you a tip so that you can have your site updated after every two or three days automatically. If you are blogger and you have wordpress blog then there is option setting publish date. Suppose you are free at weekends then you can write 5 articles in a day and then set the published date to coming alternative dates. This will update your website after every alternate day and have good results in google search also.

If you are making backlinks from other sites then don’t be so hurry in making these links as google is watching you all the time. So slow and steady wins the race. Make your backlinks slowly and from good PR sites.

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Junaid Rehman

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