As you know there is very tough competition of blogs nowadays. Your website cannot get in search engine very easily. To get on top results in search engine, your page must be a good ranking page. Few years ago there was not so competition and every blog get good traffic with little struggle. But as many new blogs are coming day by day so it is now harder to get traffic on your blog easily.

why write guest post

why write guest post

But there is a way to get traffic on your blog by writing posts on some good ranking blogs. When you tell the website owner of good blog that you want to write guest post then he will say to you that you can write and he will also give you one backlink to your blog. So you can insert that backlink in your article. When someone visits that article and read about you at biography part of article then the visitor also want to check your website. So suppose you write 15 guest articles on different websites and each give you 10 visits to your blog then you will get total of 150 visits each day. And there is also advantage that if you are getting links from popular blogs then your ranking of website also increases and your posts automatically come in first pages of search engine.

Some websites give a credibility to guest writers and give some amount of money also. So you can get money and backlinks both. Another benefit of writing guest posts is that you can make good connections to the blog owner and he will also be agreed to write some articles on your blog also. As you know every blog has its own taste and if some different person writes on your blog then your audience will feel something different and interesting stories.

Writing guest posts also give you confidence that you can write on a blog which is read by many people and you can do conversation with the viewers of the blog through comments. And the people tend to know about you and you will become renowned personality of that blog. When you write blog posts regularly then people tend to follow you and they know that this person is very active in that blog. You can also introduce about your product in the guest post but for this you should have good history in that blog and you must have good attitude with the blog owner.

So there arises a question that what benefit the blog owner gets from guest posts? The answer is that he will get fresh articles from different writers who have different knowledge. All the writers have their own style of writing. If the blog keeps updating regularly via guest posts then the blog will have a positive point from search engine.

Remember that don’t ever try to fool anyone and write your posts original. Don’t just copy and paste the post and try to get your backlink, this will affect your publicity on internet. Most of website owners first check the articles through so don’t try to fool them and always write original content.

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