Difference between samsung galaxy note and iphone 4s

Iphone 4s has come with tremendous features in it but Samsung galaxy note has some features that are not found in iphone 4s. Some features of iphone 4s have edge on glaaxy note. Apple iphone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note So let me discuss both these smartphones one by one so that you will find the differences between the two. Samsung galaxy note Has flash player [...]

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10 steps to increase iphone battery life

Iphone is used by the new generation every day. As people use iphone most of time in a day so there arises problem in charging battery every hours especially if they are out of their homes. Increase iphone battery life So today I discuss steps which you can follow to increase your battery life. Turn off push emailing. If you have very important email that you [...]

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Difference between ipad3 and samsung galaxy tab 2(10.1)

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has been launched with many features than its old versions. Ipad 3 has come up with also important features but not so much added features as compared to ipad 2. Both of these devices have made remarkable popularity in the world. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 vs iPad 3 So today I will discuss the differences between these two devices one by [...]

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Is AroundMe app better than apple maps app and google’s places app

AroundMe app is founded by a single person named Pifferi and 4 team members. This app does more efficient work than apple maps app and google’s places app. The company which has made AroundMe app was developed in 2008. The company idea was stolen by google and google made his mind to make similar app and named it google’s places app. Pifferi does not mind it and keep [...]

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What are advantages and disadvantages of siri in iphone

Siri is the technology by which the user of iphone can send commands to iphone via voice and iphone can translate that voice command and act like-vice. The feature of voice commands in iphone was built in earler sets also but the full power was introduced in siri. As Apple said that the power of siri cannot be achieved in older models of iphone. So it is available [...]

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ipad 1 vs ipad 2

ipad 1 also known as ipad was launched in January 2010. Ipad become very popular because there exist great number of apps for Ipad that is not available for iphone. Most of users use ipad for web browsing and email capabilitly. Ipad has nice touch screen. There is great media resource for ipad like ABC’s and Netflix’s. Some people use ipad instead of laptops. Ipad weighs [...]

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iphone error 3002 – Solved

When you  try to upgrade your iphone from firmware 3.x to iOS 4.0 then you would have the error 3002. The easiest solution to solve this problem is to use restore instead of upgrade.The restore will do the same thing as upgrade but this error will not come in case of restore. If you are using windows or mac then you can download the ipsw for [...]

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iphone not charging solve

My iphone was not charging today and i finally get charged. So today i give you tips about how you can solve the problem if you iphone not charging. So follow these things if your iphone not charging:- plug in your charger and power on your iphone If you are using usb charger via your pc then use other usb port Connect to wall charger it [...]

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