Is AroundMe app better than apple maps app and google’s places app

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AroundMe app is founded by a single person named Pifferi and 4 team members. This app does more efficient work than apple maps app and google’s places app. The company which has made AroundMe app was developed in 2008. The company idea was stolen by google and google made his mind to make similar app and named it google’s places app. Pifferi does not mind it and keep their development going and when the app was released in the mobile world it captures all the users.

AroundMe App
AroundMe App

By this app you can find your nearby restaurants, hotels, coffee shop, gas station and they are making some amendments in the app to find taxi near you (is that not amazing). This app is now available in apple iphone and google android mobiles but soon will be available to Microsoft mobiles also. Most of users of this app come from united states and European countries. This app is also becoming popular in japan.

This app has more than 6 million monthly users and users download this app for 1 million times in a month. So this tells us that this app is performing very well in the mobile world. I suggest you to download this app and try it for one time. This app is getting his huge income from the ads and is getting unexpected income compare to its expenses.

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