ipad 1 vs ipad 2

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ipad 1 vs ipad 2
ipad 1 vs ipad 2

ipad 1 also known as ipad was launched in January 2010. Ipad become very popular because there exist great number of apps for Ipad that is not available for iphone. Most of users use ipad for web browsing and email capabilitly. Ipad has nice touch screen. There is great media resource for ipad like ABC’s and Netflix’s. Some people use ipad instead of laptops. Ipad weighs about 1.5 pounds or 680 grams. Ipad is running the same ios as ipod torch and iphone. Ipad can run iphone apps. Ipad supports wi-fi. ipad has A4 processor of 1Ghz. Ipad has word processing capability like spreadsheet and presentation. There is great fun to use different Apps because of larger screen size. Ipad supports multitasking.

But in ipad 2 some additional features are also added. I can point these features below:-

  • Ipad 2 is faster, slimmer and lighter than ipad.
  • Ipad 2 consists of A5 chip which is dual core 1Ghz. A5 processor is faster than A4.
  • Clock speed of A5 is double than A4.
  • The Gpu used in A5 is nine times faster than A4 Gpu.
  • Ipad 2 comes with new ios 4.3 but ipad users can also install ios 4.3
  • Ipad 2 has two cameras. Camera can record 720 p video.
  • Ram of ipad2 is 512 Mb which is double than one in ipad
  • Ipad 2 has two color models to choose i.e. white and black.
  • Ipad 2 is 0.34 inches thin and 1.33 pound weight
  • Ipad 2 has better multitasking capability
  • Browsing internet becomes faster with new ios 4.3 in ipad 2
  • Ipad 2 has three variations ipad 2 16GB, ipad 2 32GB and ipad 2 64GB
  • Better GPU performance of ipad 2 is good for playing games
  • Ipad 2 has smart cover support, imovie and hdmi out

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