The facebook and google are the most busy websites on the internet. By google ranking statistics facebook has higher ranking than google. Facebook has about 600 million users which shows that how much facebook is used daily. So lets compare facebook and google revenue.

Facebook revenue vs google revenue

Facebook revenue vs google revenue

As the picture shows that google has 6 times more revenue than facebook has per user. But if you see the number of users than facebook has, about 600 million users that tells that facebook is getting high revenue.

If we see on 2010 that facebook got about $2 billion revenue. Facebook worth is about $60 billion dollar. The revenue of facebook in 2010 is still below than google has about six years ago.

Facebook is expecting to compete with google in next few years but it is looking very hard for facebook to reach google revenue. But you can see that facebook is one of the biggest social networking side that has left behind google’s orkut.

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