Twitter is the most interesting website on internet. Most of people get interest in twitter by following interesting people and renowned personalities. Twitter is improving the features in it. Last time while using twitter it is noted to have animation pictures. Better for marketing and other purposes that twitter get people attention.

Twitter beneficial tools

Twitter uses

Some of tools I heard about to be discussed here:-

Twitter deck:

Twitter deck is owned by twitter and in it we can set timings of when to post the tweet. Tweet is a message to be delivered to audience and has limit of 140 words. The web interface is good and is similar to desktop version. Four to six columns will be displayed if you login by twitter id and password in the dashboard of twitter deck. The columns of different categories to be noticed in it.

Manage Fitter:

Another nice tool which will enable you to create and manage multiple accounts of twitter. This tool tends to find people that are in relation with you and also find easy way to grow your business. Nice statistics of who is following you and tweets features such as scheduling your tweets to be published. Manage Fitter is both in free and paid versions.

Hoot Suite:

Hoot Suite is another awesome tool which is usually used for marketing purposes. Marketing staff use Hoot Suit for gaining their goals and attain good performance. This tool is also available in free and paid versions.


Buffer is a tool used by the people which tends to prevent spamming and deliver their information to more social media sites. Normally free account give you access to share articles, videos, images and useful information to three social media sites. For more sharing getting paid version is another option. Buffer prevent spamming by publishing tweets at different intervals during the day or night that suits best for your followers.

Social Bro:

Social bro is a nice paid tool which tends to achieve your goals in nice way. While using the tool you can compete with competitors and analyze users in good way.

Slips Stream:

It is used to have difficulty decrease from the data twitter gets lot of from the people. Only most attention data to be delivered to you. The slips stream is only available in chrome and safari as add on.

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