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Advantages and disadvantages of social networking

What is social networking Social networking is the virtual networking of people. People can share photos, videos, and their life activities on social networking sites. If you are an artist then you can create a free account on Instagram and share your art online. People who have an interest in your art can comment on your posts. They start knowing you and you can get like-minded people around [...]

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How much Facebook earning by mobile app

Facebook is the word largest and active site on the internet. There are many other sites like Facebook but not any of them get that much users as Facebook getting. Google plus is recently introduced by Google but it is not so active in Asian countries. Google plus is much active in premium countries like united states, England, Australia, new Zealand. But Facebook is almost used by all [...]

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Tools used for Facebook and using Google dictionary on browser – Urdu-Hindi video tutorial

Facebook is the one of largest used social networking site on internet. Many users of Facebook keep in touch with Facebook all the day. In this video I will discuss following things:- Invite all friends to event Add all friends to Facebook group Adding emotions in comments Using Google dictionary in chrome All these things are described in detail. This training video is in Urdu and Hindi language. [...]

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Top 10 tools for using twitter in better way

Twitter is the most interesting website on internet. Most of people get interest in twitter by following interesting people and renowned personalities. Twitter is improving the features in it. Last time while using twitter it is noted to have animation pictures. Better for marketing and other purposes that twitter get people attention. Twitter uses Some of tools I heard about to be discussed here:- Twitter deck: [...]

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Tips to communicate effectively on twitter

Twitter is used by 20% of the people on internet in United States. So it is very useful way to get latest news and updates of what is happening around the World. I am using twitter for quite long time now and I have noted some of tips that can help you communicate effectively and professionally on twitter. Communication tactics. So here are some of tips:- [...]

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Top 10 Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Facebook is now the number one site all over the world. It is the busiest site on the internet. You and me both use Facebook once in a day or for many hours in a day. Many people use Facebook as a tool for marketing. Today I am going to tell you top 10 shortcuts keys you can use in your browser to work on Facebook fast than [...]

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How social media help to solve unemployment issues

Social media sites are very important these days in your business or if you are unemployed. The most popular social networking sites are facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+. If you are already employed but getting low salary then joining these sites also solve your problem. But the question arises that how can we benefit from these social networking sites. First search your target company which you want to [...]

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How to do free marketing on facebook

There are about 901 million users of facebook which tell us the importance of facebook for marketing. If you are new to facebook then you will feel difficulty in using facebook as your marketing tool. But I can give you an idea of how you can use facebook for free marketing. Free Facebook Marketing Here are some steps you can follow to do your marketing on [...]

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How to use social media for your business

Social media plays an important role in promoting your business online. If you are marketing manager and your boss asks you to get some clients then social media is the best choice for it. I discuss some social media websites that you can use to increase your business. youtube Youtube Youtube is the largest video sharing website. You can upload funny and entertainment videos also. But [...]

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Messenger launched by facebook

Facebook launches messenger for iphone and android. This messenger is standalone app in which you can chat and send messages to each other and tap on any message and continue to add messages. You can mute the notification of messages for e.g. till 8 am or you can mute the messages from some of your friend. As you know there are other apps available for facebook but they [...]

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