Facebook is the word largest and active site on the internet. There are many other sites like Facebook but not any of them get that much users as Facebook getting. Google plus is recently introduced by Google but it is not so active in Asian countries. Google plus is much active in premium countries like united states, England, Australia, new Zealand. But Facebook is almost used by all users irrespective of location or country. Facebook mobile app is very nicely designed and has got improvement in recent years. Now we can audio and video chat on Facebook massager. Facebook app is very fast in use. Facebook is getting lot of profit from Facebook app. According to Facebook officials there is 49% increase in revenue due to Facebook mobile app.

How facebook earns

Facebook mobile earnings

Facebook earned $3.58 billion due to ads showing on Facebook app. Facebook is earning about $9 per user from United States and Canada and $1.27 per user from Asian countries. This is very large amount of money because FB has millions of visitors active on daily basis. Now FB is increasing its privacy for the advertising companies. Fake profiles are difficult to make and FB is deleting fake profiles also. According to Facebook about 85% of users now access FB by their mobiles. So 69% of total $3.58 billion revenues comes from FB mobile app according to FB officials. Due to decrease in number of users in Google plus, its most probably increase in revenue of Facebook.

So if internet grows in size, social media sites also get more profit.

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