How to win bids on freelancer sites

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When you start your career you mostly do regular jobs or internship. After doing some months of jobs you probably think that you want to do work for your own and get projects from net. So you try to get projects from freelancer sites. There are many freelancer sites like,, and others. In some freelancer sites you have to complete test to bid on projects like and on some websites if you want to have more bids that you also have to clear test. Like on for new users you can only bid on 2 projects but if you want to bid on more than 2 projects then you have to pass the test. Getting work from freelancer sites can improve your financial problems and also you get good hands on practice on doing live projects.

tips to win projects on freelancer sites
tips to win projects on freelancer sites

So here are some tips you can follow to win projects on freelancer sites:-

  • Choose projects which you can deliver on time
  • Name the employer in bid and answer all the questions asked in the project
  • Place the price that you are happy with
  • Attach your best websites or work like logos in your portfolio
  • Show professionalism is doing project
  • Bid on the projects which require skill you know and keep honesty
  • Don’t place low price bids
  • Don’t only write that I can do it place detail of what you can do
  • View the client history may be client only accepts low price bids
  • Log in to freelancer sites daily so that clients know that you are available for any queries
  • Attach best of your work in portfolio and try to search on how to make good proposal for the project

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