Today I am going to tell you some tips to have good experience with freelancer sites and get your work done in good way. If you are tired of doing the regular office job or you are facing difficulty in finding the jobs then becoming a freelancer is good choice for you. When I started my work on freelancer sites then I have difficulty in finding the right jobs and my bids were also not accepting. The reason behind this was that I don’t have any good portfolio on that freelancer sites.

Freelance tips for the contractor

Freelance tips for the contractor

I suggest you to follow these tips to become good freelance worker:-

  • If you are a graphic designer or web designer then make some dummy designs by yourself and put it in your portfolio on odesk, elance or
  • Remember that clients are always willing to work with those people who have good portfolio and creativity. So you have to struggle to make your portfolio look best in the eye of client.
  • If you are a new contractor then always place a low bid on the projects.
  • Don’t type usual proposal in the bid and copy paste in all the project proposals. Write the proposal related to the project.
  • Read two times what the client is saying in the project details and you can complete it easily.
  • Provide the details about how to contact you. For example you can write that you will available on skype, Google talk.
  • Don’t ever over estimate that client and always make your time available for the client and response it regularly about the project status.
  • I have experience with some clients that are very time sensitive and they become angry on delay of the project. So keep in mind that you will be available for the project and you have no other projects running during that time.
  • Don’t work on more than two projects at the same time. Later on you will get bad feedback on both the projects. So working on one project and getting good feedback from a client is best for your future bids also.
  • Only pick up those projects that you think you are expert at that and you can complete that project quickly.

If you follow the above tips then you can get a good relationship with the client and you will have good time during working on your project. Some people place bids many projects and start working on all the projects at a time and later on get in tension and not fulfill client requirements. So if you are not expert in your work then pick up only one project at a time and try to complete it on time.

Make some good atmosphere at your room to work. I suggest you to work at night because it is no noise at night and you can concentrate on your work easily. Make an alternative place for your work if something went wrong then you have some other place to work also. If you have some electricity problem in your area then arrange some UPS for your work. I have very bad experience with the clients when I had electricity problem and I was not able to become online and chat with them. So always keep in contact with the client and that does not mean to send them messages all the time. Just tell them once a day that how the project is going and what you have done so far.

Hope this article helps you in your freelance career and always keeps up to date with your skills.

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