Due to recession of 2009 many companies got huge loss in their revenues. This impact whole the world either it is IT related company or any other working company. The high wage and expenses for the normal man in U.S has made the bigger to smaller companies in U.S to think about how they decrease their expenses. So these companies decided to give some of their work to under developed countries like india and Pakistan. With this step they our come their loss and got some profit so other companies who saw this, try to follow the same procedure and succeeded in such action.

Situation of loss in regular job

If the company hires a regular employee then it has to pay him the salary according to his country. As the expense of normal person is higher than in background countries so they prefer to give work to the companies of lower countries. In that way the lower country will give good salary to their employee but that salary is far lower than the salary of regular employee in U.S or other developed countries.

Freelancing has also influenced the lack of regular jobs. Now people can do the same computer job in their homes so that can benefit the company in following ways:-

  • Company has no tension to pay their electricity and internet bills.
  • Company doesn’t have to pay entertaining expense and rent of their office.
  • Company don’t have to care about the regular attendance as there are remote software available that can track the time duration of how many hours the freelancer has worked.

But this outsourcing and freelancing is damaging the life of a person in developed countries. So they don’t have any option instead of taking part in cash lottery.

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