Twitter was launched in July 2006 and it becomes one of most using website on internet. You can send tweets or status update on your profile and it shares with all the followers who follow you.  Today when I open twitter I get a notification that now I can share an image on twitter. Here is the notification that is displayed on the screen:-

Share image on twitter

Share image on twitter

As shown in the picture there is an icon of camera on bottom left when you start tweeting. When you press on this icon then you can select the photo and share with your friends. The maximum size of image that you can upload is 3 mb. You can also place tags in tweets while sharing photos with # sign in front of tags. This will enable your images to be searched on twitter search. Now this photo sharing facility is available for iOS 5. Photo sharing is very enjoyable and fun. You interact with people in good way by sharing photos. Whenever you go to new places you catch photos and share on twitter and all your twitter followers will feel good to see pictures of new places.

You can catch the pictures of your baby or your new office and share with your colleagues. Photo explains a thousand of words and it shows your impressions. As we have seen the websites like google plus, facebook and MySpace where photo sharings is one of the major activity by the users. Classmates share the photos of the parties in universities and colleges and they keep their past bright.

Twitter is soon launching photo galleries feature which is already done by third party websites. So twitter is looking forward to add more features to its services and become more useful. As google plus is getting more and more users so twitter have to improve and add more features to its services to better compete with it.

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