There are many factors you can make a traffic rich blog. So today I am going to tell you some of the steps by which you can increase traffic on your blog. So let us get started.

How to blog – advice:-

Make a blog that is meant for the topics which are related to How-To niche. Also blogs giving advice and learn from lessons is good for gaining new visitors to your blog.


Make inbound links:-

I don’t suggest you to always give links of your blog for marketing at all the times. I mostly join forums and give link only in my signature. You can also give link in your profile on other blogs for which you write most of time.

Don’t give links in comments:-

Don’t give links of your articles or blog in comment section of other blogs. The better way is to use your twitter username if necessary in comments.

Try to get traffic from search engine:-

I get 80% of traffic on my blog from search engine. I write most of IT (Information Technology) and concentrate on my niche. So the more you get traffic from search engine, better will be increase in traffic of your site.

Try to create a lot of content on your site:-

Try to create a lot of content related to your topic. If you choose a topic then try to elaborate it briefly in your content. If the topic is big then try to divide the article into different parts and explain it by using interesting photos that will attract visitors.

Google auto suggest feature:-

First before writing article try to search first two words to your interest in Google search. This will auto complete your search term, you will get lot of ideas of what people are searching. I use this feature most of time. Also use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have low competition and good idea to get new visitors to your site.

The final tip I want to give is update your blog on regular basis and also share you content on Google+ because this is very attractive for Google search. Also attach your Google+ profile in WordPress dashboard. This will ensure that your profile is authentic with your blog.

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