Everyone which comes new on internet first wish to make a website. So he tries to first learn some basics of developing websites. The easy step for making a website without any technical knowledge is to make blogspot website. So new blogger first make his blogspot website and choose some theme and start writing some articles on it. When he get some traffic on his site then he becomes more motivated towards his goals. So he then thinks that how can live a life where I don’t have any financial problems. The most popular and fast cms to make blogging is wordpress. So the newcomer also felts its importance and he may heard the important of wordpress cms from other friends. So after working on blogger for one year, he then buy a domain and shifts his blog to wordpress.

Below picture explain this:-

Blogger Life Cycle

Blogger Life Cycle

Then after struggling and working hard on wordpress, then blogger knows something about freelancing from others so then he tries to learn more skills. Now his sign up in freelancing sites like odesk, freelancer.com, fiverr.com and make also specialize in seo.

The newbie blogger learns lot of new things in his career, moving from very basics towards some advanced techniques. So nowadays most of freelancers are also bloggers and do some work as freelancer on most of sites.

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