From which freelancer site i can get quick and easy work?

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Most of you are wondering about that from where you can get quick reply about your bids and from where you can get work easily. I have worked on all popular freelancer sites and now get good experience on which site to work on and on which to not work on. With my experience I have noted that if you don’t have very good expertise then don’t go for because the projects on are more difficult than other freelancer sites. So where to go to? I think you have to choose If you are beginner or middle level freelancer then you can easily get project on odesk. But there are some tips that you follow to get the project. Always bid for low budget project and in which there is some relaxation of time.

why to work on odesk
why to work on odesk

When I started doing work on odesk then I place my first bid at $5. I won the project easily and get full review. Then I move on and completed another lower budget project and also get full review. Then I continue and go for hour jobs and completed successfully. And my journey continues. If you get some small projects at beginning then you can learn great stuff while doing that project and that knowledge will help you in completing bigger projects. If you talk about other freelancer sites like then you will get work from it more difficultly. On odesk you have to pass odesk readiness test to increase your job quota more than 2. So hopefully you go for odesk and start getting work from it.

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